Terror of the Lichemaster (Phase 1 Complete)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I thought I'd just put it out there. Having watched the success experienced by some when their tea is forgotten about, I thought that I'd also have a go at trying to collect, paint and ultimately play one of the old Warhammer scenarios. In my case, given that I've started with the Undead, it made a huge amount of sense for me to investigate The Terror of the Lichemaster pack:

And even the follow up scenario The Vengeance of the Lichemaster, published in the Citadal Journal:

I achieve three goals by following this direction:

  1. I collect and paint up a wonderful piece of GW history
  2. By achieving 1, I am able to build up a beautiful core for a more standard 3rd edition Undead army
  3. By achieving 1, I am also able to use my painted skeletons and zombies in a Realm of Chaos Nurgle army

Now the good news is that, since having started just short of two years ago, I've finally managed to collect the set. These are they:

The flyer as found on the Stuff Of Legends site

The complete set:

My own flyer with all the figures in place

These are the close-ups. Some figures still have some paint on because of the bullet proof paint used by their former owners:

Albi Schutz


Gimbrin Finehelm

Gim Gundel (missing sword)


Mikael Jacsen

Riolta Snow


Antonio Epstein








Heinrich Kemler

So phase 1 is complete - all 17 figures have been acquired. I suppose phase 2 is to paint them all now...