Sunday, 15 January 2012

Humble Beginnings: Realm of Chaos

Whilst we wait for the conclusion of the first turn of the Battle of Koles Lorr (yes, it's underway!), I thought I would regale you all with some painting progress.

So, Chaos Dwarves. Everyone loves 'em.

What we have here is eight of the little fellers, which just happens to be the smallest Chaos Dwarf unit one can take in a Realms of Chaos army of Khorne:

Of course, if I'd painted two more, then they would be the smallest unit available through the Chaos Allies contingent. I've got more, but I started getting bored of the painting. It feels like six figures for a particular unit is the right level for me before I need to change. So, I'll probably move back to some Undead (for whom this ally contingent is ultimately aimed at) before completing this unit.

Anyway, these are they:

The back rank:

As you should be able to see, they are equipped with heavy armour and two handed weapons, meaning they will contribute 124 (116 +8 for the banner) points to my fledgling Realms of Chaos army that I guess I've just started.

Now the interesting thing is that I wasn't really aiming to make them Dwarves of Khorne. I just like red.  I'm just lucky that I've only painted eight, and that happens to work in a particular army list. Also, by way of further coincidence, I have another eight chaos dwarves, a bazuka, and a tenderiser. All coming soon*.

*Rounded up to the next thousand years


  1. Great figures! I don't have Realms of Chaos yet, is it common that figure numbers are so fixed: 8 is both the min and max for that Chaos Dwarf unit?!

    I struggle with painting terribly! My current method is to work a production line with figures grouped into sets of three. When I need a change I just add 3 figures from a different army to the start of the production line! So far it's working. I have discovered that 3 figures is the most I can paint the same colour on without getting bored!!

  2. Hi Chris

    Realms of Chaos introduces the four chaos gods (Khorne, Slaanesh, etc) that have now formed part of the central story of the modern GW offering, both for fantasy and 40k. Basically, each god has a chosen number - Khorne: 8, Slaanesh: 6, Nurgle, 7 and Tzeentch: 9. RoC units are constructed in these numbers, so Khorne units may be 8 in number, or multiples of 8 (so, 8, 16, 24, etc). Fortunately, I have 16 Chaos Dwarves, so I can expand. Unfortunately, I've only painted 8 - for exactly the reasons you've described with the painting.

    They're interesting and all that, but 8 was just too many. I was trying to break the back of the thing and go for 10, but I suspect that 5 or 6 is my magic number where I need to change.

  3. Thanks, Gaj, that's pretty interesting. I never knew about the number thing. Something they decided to do away with I guess. Would be interesting to read a comparison between the chaos powers then and now!

  4. Dreadful lookong bunch of Chaos Dwarfs you got there Gaj. I like how the color scheme turned out. Maybe you could tone down the broccoli a bit; otherwise great work, keep it up.

  5. @Dreamfish - Hmmm...sounds like fighting talk. One day, hopefully, my Chaos Dwarves will meet your Regular Dwarves on the field, and then I hope to show you all about the power of broccoli...

    Cheers for the props :)

    @Chris - I suppose a lot of the old charm of RoC fell away as GW developed, simply because the rules would have been an obstacle to sales. For instance, in RoC, the chaos gods are diametrically opposed to each other, so Khorne and Slaanesh don't get on and cannot be in the same army, and the same is true for Nurgle and Tzeentch. I daresay that the expansion of Chaos into beast, daemon and warrior armies also made the application of the rules a bit harder. Pity, really.

    The numbers still had an effect in 40k until a few years ago, as best I recall. I think if you had the 'magic' number, you got your champion free.

    Maybe one day I'll sit down and try to explore those differences, because I think the Chaos we see now is dramatically different (and a lot less interesting) than the Chaos back in the day.

  6. Gaj: Well, if you do, I think it would be a great read. My favourite of your posts are the ones which fall into the Rants or WH3 Evangelism categories. :)

  7. Some darn cool chaotic dwarves there.
    I've been retooling my own Chaos army for 3rd... but I really come up short (hah!) in the dwarves department... I've only got 2 of the little buggers and the whirlygig pushcarts.
    I've got fair selection of the Assyrian hat ones though... so maybe I could make a small trade somewhere.

  8. Cheers chaps - like I said - everyone loves Chaos Dwarves.

    @knobgobbler - many people love the big hat chaos dwarves. Are you looking to expand your bighat collection, or exchange that for 80's chaos dwarves? I'm always interested in trading, but unfortunately I don't have any of the big hat chaps. If there is something you're interested in trading for, just shoot me a mail at gaj AT mogul DOT co DOT za.