Monday 20 August 2012

More Zombies.

More zombies. Y'know. Loitering... is the wont of zombies.

Another six zombies. I can't believe it. Okay, they're not completely complete, a they'll want some basing, but still. Six extra zombies. That means I've painted seventeen models in one month so far. And the month isn't even over yet!

Here they are, in all their grizzly glory:

Apologies for the lack of staging, but the scenery is in a cupboard which was alarmingly close to my sleeping infant daughter. It wasn't a hard decision to make: you'll just have to do without staging. Let sleeping infants lie...

In related news, however, things are lining up for my first physical game of warhammer 3rd edition since, well, 1992?

Twenty years ago.

If we take a look at Skarsnik's player finder, we might note that there is a man the local sheriff knows as 'Andre':

I'm located at the other pin. We've been threatening violence towards each other for months, but jobs, kids and other real-life activities have thus far prevented our joyous slaughter. But, on Monday, the 27th Day of September (EDIT:August, you retard...), I shall scrounge whatever painted items I can find, mash up some sort of army list and deliver twenty years of pent-up frustration to somewhere South of Hampton.

So I'm trying to get as much stuff painted as I can. Hopefully, I'll post up the list by the following weekend. I also have a secret fantasy that I might actually produce something for the Golden Gobbo - which is still unpainted, unbased, unmounted and, well, un-thought-of. What a backstory, should that entry be able to mark its (his? her? Its? I'm not telling!) debut with glorious slaughter on the field of battle!

But, no promises. New Dad. Still got twenty months before I can't use that anymore...

Monday 13 August 2012

Saturday 4 August 2012

Look! Zombies!

Now that Oldhammer appears to be sorting itself out, what with forums, painting contests and other bits and bobs, the humble hobbyist is left with nothing but the business of painting.

I've painted some zombies.

Although the blog has been silent for a while, I have been diligently beetling along whenever I've had some space.

Washes have proven to be a loyal friend at this junction. As described in the link, the key thing for me was to move faster than normal. I reckon I spent about six or so hours on them (in total, not elapsed time. Elapsed time was about a month...).

Note the way old-school three in a row slottabase. Usually, I have to destroy those to get the figures out, but this one was still useable.

Anyway, these are the zombies:

I've been painting these as I continue forward with my Lichemaster objective. There are twenty zombies involved in the Lichemaster story - ten for Mikael Jacsen and another ten as part of Krell's contingent. I ended up painting eleven because I appear to have forgotten how to count. Anyway, I suppose that's good news, because then there are only nine left.

I haven't varnished or embellished the bases yet. I hate flocking bases. You can substitute the 'lo' with any vowel you think makes sense, if you really want my view on the thing.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Double-dip Recession? What Double-dip Recession?

Wow. Perhaps the problem with the Oldhammer movement is that now that its public, every ex-gamer with a loft has gone completely mad?

I think, depending on how this chaps sale goes, I'm going to put my whole lichemaster collection on eBay and pay off my house...