Tuesday 20 February 2024


Pictures, apparently, paint a thousand words. 

Here is a story of Stokesy the tank:

It’s a Ramshackle Games tank. A Rhebok APC, as I recall. I think it can come with wheels too. I forget where it came from, but it was a gift to me from another oldhamerererererer. 

It is comprised chiefly of two almost solid blocks of resin. 

So it’s heavy. 

But, it cleaned up nicely enough. It is a mighty, and heavy, thing. There was more pinning than I would have expected - the tracks are pinned to the body to ensure they can hold it up. 

Amongst other pins. 

I intend for this vehicle to serve the squats. 

So, I was going to paint it in the greenish colour they’re in. I was inspired by Vietnam / WW2 Pacific theatre tanks. 

But the tank had other ideas. By the time I realised what was going on, I had painted it like an IKEA duvet cover. 

But, it kinda goes with this whole red planet thing I’m beginning to converge on. 

I suspect I knew that all along, but just refused to admit it to myself. 

Anyway, the squats liked it. They called it ‘Stokesy’.  Olivia seems willing to tolerate it for now. 

I’m thinking graveyards are in vogue right now. So we’ll look at those next time:

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Snow White and the Seven Squats

I have a confession to make.

Also: happy new year, sorry for not blogging etc, etc.

My confession: I don’t like squats. Either the exercise (although by all accounts they are spectacularly good for you), or the 40k species (although by all accounts they are also spectacularly good for you).

Well, I didn’t like squats. I …kinda do, now.

In a breathtaking show of wisdom and love, The Minister of the Interior got me a job lot of 4th Ed high elves for Christmas. To go with the other elves, you see. I have plans for elves.

But whilst I was thoroughly enjoying the remodelling of the phoenix guard that I started over the holiday, I was constantly drawn to a surprise entry in the job lot - a little squad of squats and some space pirates.

I could not stop looking at these squats. They looked like the most professional military operators in the  whole RT universe. They needed to be painted. 


But of the space pirates … well, mercenaries specifically - there were only four. And four would never do. No - five is what was required, and so after scouring the internet for lots of hours looking for the perfect 5th mercenary and generally wasting time, I realised I already have the perfect mercenary.

Olivia Neutron-Bomb. 

One of the Bring Out Your Lead figures. I should know … I’ve been there a few times now.

So, one thing led to another.

And another.

…and another.

You get the idea.

So you may have noticed that Olivia is a little monotone. That is intentional, with the lovely side effect of be easy to paint. Because the good lady is essentially black and white in the book, I was taken with the idea of trying to pay homage to her possibility. Some colour was needed, so I went with a “Schindler’s List” style of single colour, using only red. 

And then, because I had a camera, some figures and some time… I took some pictures.

They’re behiiiiiind you…

Snow White and the Seven Squats?

Olivia Neutron-Bomb and Psycho Sam

Downright irresponsible leaving those squats in there. Those elves are on a hard RT back burner now…

No, nothing to see here.