Saturday 4 August 2012

Look! Zombies!

Now that Oldhammer appears to be sorting itself out, what with forums, painting contests and other bits and bobs, the humble hobbyist is left with nothing but the business of painting.

I've painted some zombies.

Although the blog has been silent for a while, I have been diligently beetling along whenever I've had some space.

Washes have proven to be a loyal friend at this junction. As described in the link, the key thing for me was to move faster than normal. I reckon I spent about six or so hours on them (in total, not elapsed time. Elapsed time was about a month...).

Note the way old-school three in a row slottabase. Usually, I have to destroy those to get the figures out, but this one was still useable.

Anyway, these are the zombies:

I've been painting these as I continue forward with my Lichemaster objective. There are twenty zombies involved in the Lichemaster story - ten for Mikael Jacsen and another ten as part of Krell's contingent. I ended up painting eleven because I appear to have forgotten how to count. Anyway, I suppose that's good news, because then there are only nine left.

I haven't varnished or embellished the bases yet. I hate flocking bases. You can substitute the 'lo' with any vowel you think makes sense, if you really want my view on the thing.


  1. You've done a much nicer job of them than I did of mine.

    I'll have to disagree with you about flocking, I like a good flock me.

  2. Did I hear somebody say "brains!"?

    Looking good Gaj, as if they came straigth out of the "return of the living dead" movie.

  3. Very characterful models there Gaj! The old citadel zombies are classics and your painting has done them justice. I love the purple robbed rotter with the dagger!

  4. Very nice indeed. I'm also glad to hear that your "faster" painting technique is still working out so well. I've made the mistake doing a real inventory of my projects and it's horrifying to think how long it would take me to paint at my current speed....I'll have to take a page from your book for some of my guys.

  5. Splendid. Some of those fellahs are in me own zombie horde. Some of my old old old plastic Skaven are on the three a piece slotta's too. Never really cared for that base but its the one what came with the box of dwarves, elves, dark elves, orcs, goblins, and skaven. Those were the days eh? All that warhammery goodness in one box of platics.

    Bang on!

  6. Rancid. And I mean that in a good way! Looks like you've very quickly mastered the 'art' of washing.

  7. Cheers, fellers. Looking forward to getting the other nine done. Not to getting them flocked.

    @Erny - that you put it that way...

  8. I painted mine up a few months ago. I managed to buy a box of 30 zombies for £9.99 from Games Workshop when they were selling off their stock ready for the later versions. Glad I did as these are lovely figures. Once my Nightmare Legion are painted I'll take a photo of the 2 units together!

    My painting method is basically undercoat, then paint the bases, basic colours on the figures, wash, highlights and then flock. I quite like the flocking stage because it seems to really make the figures come alive and also I know the figure will be finished when I've flocked it!

  9. They look great. This range is my all time favourite zombie miniature line, such great minis, and you've really done them justice.