Thursday, 20 June 2013

Goblins. You need more goblins in your life.

It's not exactly forty painted goblin wolfriders, but it is goblins, and they are painted.

Five of them.

As I crawl ever forward, one patient, painful, drawn-out paint stroke at a time:

Not staged like Victoria, unfortunately, so you'll need to use your imagination if you don't like the green plastic setting. That not a problem for you, right? You are looking at goblins, after all.

In other news, the last vestiges of common sense have finally abandoned me. Lonely, confused, bruised and weeping, it phoned me last night to tell me we were through.

So now, equipped as I must surely be with either uncommon sense, or common unsense (dare I say - nonsense?), I thought I'd print out warhammer quest.

What's that? Printed it out, did you say?

Yeah. Er. About that. I, um...found it. On a hard drive. Not my hard drive, you understand. Someone else's. I thought it was my tax return. Oh well.

The thing is - I want to buy it. Its just that GW don't sell it. And after the Lichemaster arrived, I find myself unable to convince my wife that I need to spend ~£150 on eBay for what she understands is just a board game. As if!

I have fond memories of the system and I keep hoping that GW will re-produce it. I know there have been rumours to that effect, so I wait with interest. But, until that time comes about, I decided to make my own. Its much harder work than I thought, but having started, I must now finish:

Of course, these things aren't the hard part - that comes with laminating and cutting out what must surely be over a hundred thousand cards for encounters and treasure. I've not taken pictures, because right now I hate the damn things and they have been shut away in a drawer.

Eh? Was that a question in the back? Could you repeat that? Oh, progress on the Lichemaster, you ask?

I'm getting to that, honest.

What? Another question? Pushy today, aren't we? Go on then...

Final turn of River Chai?

Yeah - that too. Nearly there, honest! Before June ends, I'm almost certain.

Unless I decide to paint another adventurer...


In a completely unrelated note, I discovered something interesting today. I'm not big on the whole stats thing, but every time I post, I pop over and check the hits and source sites - especially as this is a great way to find other oldhammer blogs. Specifically, I found the following search term led to a hit on the blog today:


I just wish I knew what went through his mind as he read with excitement the title 'Warhammer For Adults'...


  1. Love those tiny Goblins, totally charmful! :)
    The same about the Warhammer Quest, what an enduring, challenging task you have with all that!
    Go on and cheer up! :)

    1. Cheers, Suber!

      Looking at the cards now, it is nice to know they're done now, much easier to think about!

  2. LOL for adult+fantasy+art+blow+job you're the 6th in the list. Good idea for Quest now print me out one and you can have a free interweb cookies

    1. A cookie! Cheers for that. Thing is, I'm, uh, trying to cut back on interweb cookies at the moment. Its a diet my wife is on, is all. Maybe next time?

  3. Take it from me, you can never have enough goblins. :)

    I like the way you have painted yours, great character to them.

    Best of luck with your Warhammer Quest project.

  4. great looking goblins just looking a little lonely, they need more buddys
    Peace James

    1. Well, hopefully I'm not too far away from some sort of 'army' (gang?) shot, maybe another 10 or so? Not actually sure, now. I must count them immediately!

  5. Great goblins !
    Don't try to compete with Goblin Lee, the guy lives in a warp dimension that takes him back in the 80's to buy all he wants and where the time lines run 80 time sslower than for us poor mortals. (well it's the only logical reason I could find to his "wonderful vintage 3000 pts armies painted ni a week")
    For your goblins I recommend you leave them in a shoebox filled with confortable cotton with soft music and the lights off, may be in aweek you'll open the box and discover there are 50 of them...

    1. Yeah. Initially I thought it was no job, wife or friends, but because its rude to say that, I went with time a warp dimension too :)

      I'll keep you posted on my Goblin breeding programme. I've not yet worked out how to spot boy goblins from girl goblins, but lets try with these 5 and see what happens...

    2. No dimensional portal :( , but I am recently single, hence the more time and money.

      The Orc, Dwarf, and Slann armies were largely already painted, just a touching up of the paintwork and painting a couple of dozen things to finish them off.
      The Chaos Dwarves were an easy paint scheme to do, a few evenings work.

      The Dark Elves are taking longer to do as I have started them from scratch and I have'nt given them the time needed as I have been out and about most of the last weekends. That am I am a little bored with them.

      You have two old Marauder Goblins there, the one with the ball and chain, and the one with a spear, both either side of the central citadel one.

    3. Sorry to hear that, Mr Lee, although one must always look for silver linings. In your case it is the presentation of your astonishing collection to the eternally grateful population of earth.

      As a matter of interest, are you thinking of attending the oldhammer event in August/September at Foundry? I'm sure our fawning will reach new levels of depravity were we to see these rare forces in the 'flesh' as it were.

    4. Thank you, I'm fine about it, I made the right choice.

      I'm also glad I started the blog as people are more interested in the old miniautres than I thought they would be, which is good to see.

      I probably won't be able to make it to Nottingham this year, but will aim to get to next years if they hold one. I would love to get one of the armies set up on a big proper gaming table.

  6. Gobbo's hell yeah.....
    As some genius said: There is life ithout Gobbo's with it is worthless.
    Playing Gobbos is always so much fun. 16 Whirling Maniacs in a 3000pts WH games....pure fun. These are from Maurauder right??
    Great project with the "reprint" of WH Quest.

    1. To be honest, I think only the one is a marauder goblin (the chap with the short spear and the helmet) - the others are citadel (I think).

      Fanatics coming soon...

  7. Nice gobbos there and a great mix of ranges and sculpters as well. I have a fondness for the marauder range and am luckey to have a quite a feew of them....some are even painted....but not many though.


    1. Well - now that you have a blog, you'll want to post those up! An alternative to painting is to send the rest to me. I run a shelter for abused and unwanted goblins, you see. In fact, I'm off to see my MP about this very issue, so we can try and get some more rights for goblins in this country.

  8. Good to hear you've escaped the clutches of Common Sense!

    Lovely Gobbo's and good luck with the Warhammer Quest!

    adult+fantasy+art+blow+job - maybe it was perfectly innocent and he (why do I assume its a he?!) was looking for adult employment making fantasy art by blowing paint through straws?

    1. Yeah.

      You're right.

      There's me all cynical, when some poor strawtist is just trying to cut a living in our recessive economy, following a promising lead only to be disappointed by toy soldiers and griping about the kids of today.

      I sure hope he found some other, better sites to help him with his frustrations!

      Anyway, thanks for the props and the wishes!

  9. Nice job on the gobbos gaj! I did whq a few years ago, but redesigned the cards as well. You can see my observations here on bgg:

    1. Cheers, Mr Phreedh! We're getting there slowly. I think 'redesign' is quite a tenuous description for 'laminate' in this case, but I'll go with it :)