Thursday 28 November 2013

Role Play vs. Roll Play...


I was planning to get around to ranting about just the same thing, but he got there first.

And he has historical references, so his would be better anyway.


  1. But we like to hear your rants so!

    Plus - you got a snappier title ; )

  2. Cheers Gaj, thanks for the contribution in the comments too.

    Dang, that IS a snappy title!

  3. Your title sums it all and your comment enhances Paul point which is absolutely brilliant.
    Well done guys! Sometime just a quick reminder of what a little time spenton the story can bring to the whole gaming experience.
    Imagination is free so why not use tons of it really?

  4. Too much white text on black for me poor eyes. Would rather have read one of your rants although the linked post looks very interesting indeed!

    1. Well, Mr MonkeyDew - then I shall oblige. I'm now sure when I'll oblige, but I shall oblige!

  5. Thanks one and all - at least I was able to contribute a title. I'll get around to mine, as its less around tactics and more around 'a style of play'. Hopefully, I'll get there this year!