Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Nightmare Legion

Finally, I've managed to complete 10 whole undead figures:

I took a lot longer to paint these than I thought I would. Part of that was my very first punt at OSL:

All undead heroes of level 15 or more need to have a magic weapon. I couldn't help but imagine that Ennio must be at least level 20, so it felt right to have a go at a lovely magical glow for his sword.

Another shot of the chaps, with flash:

I've still not flocked the bases, so I suppose they are not really complete. The other outstanding task here is to attach some pennants to the standard. I've been hunting around the internet for flat images of the Nightmare Legion banners, but I cant seem to find them. The funny thing is, I might not even want them when I find them, so I might just create some freehand sort of pennants. We'll see.

I realise that different folk have different painting disciplines. For me, my discipline has to be - paint two models (or one big one) at a time. Never more. Once you've finished with those two, chose something completely different, otherwise you will get bored.

The reason it's taken me so bloody long to finish the next 5 undead is because I broke that rule (and the OSL). Having successfully completed the first 5 all in one session, I thought I should easily be able to do the same with the next rank. Instead, the painting became a chore and I did anything I could to avoid it.

So, I shall immediately re-instate my painting discipline, meaning that by the time I have painted 100 figures, I still won't be able to play with any one of my armies, but at least I will have painted 100 figures. At the rate I was going...well. Let's just say that this discipline will help me to have pictures of painted figures, not naked metals.


  1. I think the Nightmare Legion is my favorite Warhammer unit. I picked up this boxed set back in 1989 but never actually used it in a game of Warhammer.

    A few years back, however, I did get the trooper figures painted and based four to a stand as Spears elements for my Hordes of the Things skeleton army. I recently acquired another set, which combined with the leftovers from my first bunch will allow me to field another five elements of Spears.

    I'm two figures short of one more stand, so if anyone knows where I can pick up a couple of rank-and-file Nightmare Legion figures to bring my total to 10 elements, please let me know.

  2. Hi Desert Scribe

    I would recommend that you check out the thoroughly excellent Miniature Heroes website:

    They appear to have 5 troopers right now!


  3. Thanks, Gaj! I hadn't heard of Miniature Heroes before.

    Oh, and if you're interested, I have pics of my painted Nightmare Legion figures (and some other old minis).

  4. Hi Desert Scribe

    Just popped over to your site to see some 80's goodness, and I happened to notice that you've over in the States.

    Something that might be easier is to check out this blog:

    ...which is operated by someone else over there, and might be easier to procure some Nightmare Legion bits from him. I've dealt with him before (on quite a large scale), so he comes recommended.