Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Terror of the Lichemaster. And Sabotage!

Good news and bad news.

Good news - I discovered that I had a celebrity in my model collection. I've always had the chap, but it wasn't until I looked at this post up on the Lead Adventure Forum that I realised I was the proud owner of the original Krell:

...that is, Krell the Black. 

How fortuitous - I just happened to have undercoated him as part of the preparation of my undead army. I was so thrilled with the discovery that I thought I would get to painting him right away.
But then...sabotage!

My all important painting light had snapped...

The saboteurs. Acting as if nothing had happened:

So, the whole thing was scuppered.

But, having been inspired by the approach taken to the Orc's Drift scenario, I can't help feeling I want to do the same thing for Terror of the Lichemaster. I'm busy with an undead army, so it will help with those goals and it should also make for some interesting painting as I try to locate the necessary models (or suitable substitutes). I suppose I need to finish the Nightmare Legion first...

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