Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Complete History of Grom, part 3

Earlier, I had cheerfully posted that I had a complete history of Grom in figures, because I thought that I had the first release of the legendary beefcake. Then, more experienced collectors than myself pointed out that I had missed the all important pre-slotta release of Grom - the actual 1st edition figure.

So I just, you know, got one:

...''cos they're easy to find, and all that.

Indeed, I was very, very lucky, by the looks of things. Managed to get mine from a chap over in the States for less than £10 - including postage. This is one of the items I acquired when I was too ill to paint. Also, I now have complete Warhammer 2nd Edition ruleset. Not that we should lose focus here - this site remains very much about Warhammer 3rd Edition - but, 2nd ed might be quite useful for the scenarios like Terror of the Lichemaster and all that.

This, together with the discovery of Krell and the promise that I would finish 20 Undead by the end of July has thrown my painting plans into chaos. Simpy put, I must finish the Undead, because I said I would, and I have a feeling I'll then move onto Grom and finally close up with ol' Krell.


  1. That's the spirit mate, good find. Old Grom is a great fig, I have had him staring at me for ages (together with a healthy selection of troopers and a standard bearer). I do however miss the musician and champion models. =( They're hard to come by (as with all the pre-slotta regiments).

  2. lalalalalalala...not listening to you having the rest of the unit lalalalala...

    Just kidding. Although will NOT be goaded into trying to find an entire Grom's Goblin Guard unit, just because you happen to have one and I don't.

    I won't!

    Seriously, thanks for bringing Grom to my attention. I'm looking forward to painting him up and finally completing the full history. Of course, just as I do that, I suppose GW will release some finecast version of him that I'll need to get as well...

  3. Trip down memory lane... I had this figure though sold off many years ago...

  4. Hey Scott - sorry to hear he's no longer in your stead, but they come up fairly regularly on eBay - I'm sure I've seen 10-15 of these this year...