Monday, 11 July 2011

No Washout!

I've been ill recently, struggling with especially severe headaches. This means that:
  1. I've not been painting because I've been battling to concentrate
  2. I've been buying stuff on eBay instead
Anyhow, I've now run out of funds in Paypal, so my eBay campaigns have ground to a halt. Faced with boredom and the sudden realisation that my head no longer hurts, I've painted some more undead, bringing the grand total to 13:

It is my objective (hereby declared in the public domain) to have finished all 20 of them by the end of July. I would have taken more pictures, but light was bad and I was really struggling with focus. So I took a picture of my very first paint pot ever instead:

I got this chap in 1994, together with a raft of other paints. I used this to paint my very first undead figures ever, which were my very first wargames figures ever, and I love that I still have about a third of the bottle left, still going strong and contributing to almost all of the same models as I had at the time.

Another picture, just because the young 'uns might not believe it's a Citadel paint:

I still have a third of it because I don't really use washes that much. I suspect this is because secretly, I'm just a masochist at heart, and it feels right that it takes me hours and hours to paint rank and file figures whose appearance doesn't match their painting effort and will never even be picked up by the few people who are even aware of their existence.

I've got some of the other original paints too, but how many more pictures could you possible stand?

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