Monday 28 November 2011

Turning lead into bold...

Back in the saddle. Real Life has finished punching me in the nuts and I appear to have paid whatever dues were required.

Good news - I've managed to paint a figure in this crazy November! Bad news, is that its not going to be posted tonight because I thought of something I need to do to it quickly and the OCD perfectionist in me decided that I could wait. And by 'I', I mean you.

So I thought I'd draw your attention to this instead:

...and this...

I'd have thought the chap would have thrown the postage in for free. You know - because £419 is a shit-ton of money for 3 grams of lead. Maybe it can cure cancer if you eat it. A bold price in this time of austerity and strife. If only the greeks had a few, their economy would be now stable.

I thought Terror of the Lichemaster was going to be an expensive exercise. Thank heavens I didn't pick Orc's Drift.


  1. Damn that guys got an over-inflated sense of the worth of old toys. Let me think, TWO entire warhammer orc and dwarf armies, or two entire orc and dwarf miniatures from days of lore.

    Mmmmm. Toughie.

  2. I like the older minis and have been sucked into collecting Slann of late... but I'm trying hard not to let the stupid set in (as it often does when I'm on a mission). I'm thinking these can be had much cheaper if one is willing to be patient and look elsewhere than just Ebay.

  3. I use the 'current metal rank and file miniature is £3 / finecast character miniature is £10' as a guide to my maximum bids when buying out of production miniatures. Basically, though I love old lead, if I can get an equivalent miniature from Citadel/Wargames Foundry/Miriliton, then I'll do so. I'll go over the price of my alternates by a couple of quid, but not tens, and certainly not hundreds!

  4. Unfortunately I did pick Orc's Drift! I've ended up using Eeza Ugezod (pointing, with big axe) of Mother Crushers fame as a stand-in for Hagar, and King Gorin from the Dwarf Lords of Legends set to represent Chardz - pretty good proxies and at recession busting prices!

    Good luck on tracking down a Kemmler on the cheap!

  5. How much difference is there between the Orcs Drift Kemmler and the current Kemmler? Too much?
    That many! pounds too much?

  6. Yep - general agreement on the madness. We all watch with anticipation to see if there are any actual bids.

    This has been a good discussion around warhammer on a budget, though -with the most common consensus being 'use different figures'. As DrBargle alludes to, how much difference between the two Kemmlers? Is it worth it just for the old one?

    I'm in the same boat - having tracked two Kemmlers through eBay, I've just not been able to afford it.

    @KnobGobbler - you've got the right idea, All of my Lichemaster stuff I've stumbled across, listed as something else. If I'd paid full value (eBay) for them, I'd be divorced.

    @Thantsants Don't dispair - very shortly you'll be running your completed Orc's Drift campaign with all the figures from end to end! Your proxies have been very well chosen indeed. Looking forward to that.

  7. Nice to see some good ol Miniatures from the Golden Age of Citadel.

    I hope you get the Money for this 2 hot Babys. Hmmmm someone knows how much worth an original b&w from John Blanche are???

    Regards from Germany

  8. Alas, I wish these '2 hot Babys' were mine, but alas, they are not. And at the asking price, they never will be either. I've had a go at selling rare figures on eBay before, but I was put swiftly back in my place by the consistent lack of bids on them.

    I imagine this chap will have the same experience.

    As for the original artworks, I imagine these could fetch figures in thousands. I say that because I've heard of other original works used for White Dwarf and similar being sold for that. The prices themselves are not wildly out of whack for a published artists works anyway.

    And John Blanche is the most famous of the lot, in our bizarre world of fantasy lead toys.

    Why - have you got one you're looking to shift :)

  9. Hey Gaj,

    yes i have 2 originals from him. 1 pencil sketch and one ink/pencil drawing from "Clash of the Princes" Game book.

    The Gamebook one would put today at Ebay with a starting bid of 129,-GBP. I know they starting low but will show where it goes ;) there are my two hotties ;)

    Cheers Torsten

  10. ahhhh i forget to say, that i own an original Gary Chalk too. That drawing i've won as a first price in miniature painting in 1986/1987

  11. Well, it looks like your painting has been noticed - good luck with the sale!