Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Complete History of Grom, part 4


Seems to be a busier month than most. What with people saving the planet with facial hair, and succumbing to their inner muse, it's a wonder that anyone gets anything done at all.

I'm not participating in either of these fine events, but November still caught up with me.

And when it did, it brought my old friend and yours, Real Life, with it. Real Life chastised me. He seemed concerned that I wasn't phoning or writing anymore. That I didn't want to hang out anymore. So he punched me in the nuts and told me to get my shit in order. He made me do work, and have to travel, and so forth. And he helped the cat get a bladder infection too. 'Cos he's a dick. Real Life, that is, not the cat.

Anyway, despite his best efforts, I've managed to finish painting a figure:

It's the very first Grom. That is, the pre-slotta one. This, then, brings to conclusion my complete history of Grom. Here's another shot, with all the Groms following in chronological order:

Grom the First (1st/2nd Ed)
Grom the Second (3rd Ed)
Grom the Third (4th Ed and current release)
Grom the Fourth (Custom)
Of course, if you're new to this thread, you'll note that Grom the Third comes with Grom the Fourth's chariot. I ended up making an even bigger Grom than Grom the Third,, well, you know. Just because.

Here's the boys together:

If you want to see more of the chariot, there's more in this thread.

Anyway, Real Life isn't finished with me yet and appears to want me to be his bitch for the rest of November. I'd expect this to be my only post this month. If you're lucky, I might scrape a Chaos post together for late November. Lotta bitching to do about Chaos.

Stupid Real Life.