Sunday 18 December 2011

Battle Report: The Shadow of Koles Lorr - Meet the Contestants!

If you didn't know already, Dreamfish and I have already played a remote game of Warhammer.

We did that because Dreamfish lives in The Netherlands, and I live in England.

In that game, it was just the two of us, with me serving as the remote player, and Dreamfish doing all of the measurements and movements of the physical figures. Check out this post for information on how one goes about playing Warhammer by email.

But now things are different. Let us never forget that the primary purpose of this particular site is to help me find Warhammer 3rd Edition players, or at least, those that want to learn. In the few months that the blog has been running, more players of distinction and fine taste have stepped forward, meaning that we have a third member wanting to play. That means that we can play Warhammer the way it was always meant to be played... with a Games Master!

So, Dreamfish will be serving as the GM, being accountable for the figures, movements and measurements. The game will take place in his beautiful warhammer shrine, which is a room where he can leave the game undisturbed for the several weeks that will pass as we play the game. He knows the secrets of both amies, and quite possible has some secrets of his own that neither of us are aware of!

That means that I get to take on the role of one of the antagonists. It is therefore with great pleasure that I introduce to you our other antagonist:

Blue in VT!

Blue runs a blog ( which you may already be aware of, as his updates pop up regularly over in the 'My Blog List' section just next to this article.

The Players


21st Century Warhammer 3 Stats:
Won: 0
Drawn: 0
Lost: 1

Nomansland (Wiltshire), England

Gaming Experience:
Started playing D&D in the late 80's and Warhammer in the early 90's, just catching the end of 3rd edition. Progressed all through until 8th edition, before electing to return to the 3rd edition. Gaj has started selling and trading his later edition armies to build up classic 3rd edition armies.

1. Undead - target: Terror of the Lichemaster
2. Orcs & Goblins - target: Forenrond's Last Stand
3. Chaos - target: Realms of Chaos
4. High Elves - every player probably should have at least one 'good' army...

Other Interests:
eBay - grade 'A' addict. Games of all sorts. Board games, card games, drinking games, psychological games, video games...

Blue in VT

21st Century Warhammer 3 Stats:
Won: 0
Drawn: 0
Lost: 0

Vermont, USA

Gaming Experience: 
Started playing D&D in the early 80's and Warhammer in the late 80's with 3rd edition continued up through 4th when real life got in the way. Now (after 15 years since his last game) just getting back into the gaming scene. He has mostly been collecting and painting but is excited to get back into the gaming side of things now that he has found some "right" minded folks, albeit thousands of miles away.

1. Dwarfs - by far his largest and most loved Army
2. Empire - seen as allies to his dwarfs
3. Chaos Dwarfs - with many Greenskin and other chaos allies. Note - the dwarfs are still in charge!

Other interests: 
Acoustic Blues Guitar (hence the "Blue"), Camping, Fishing, Military History, and trying to catch up on his sleep - despite his children's efforts to the contrary...

As can be seen, statistically, without ever having played 3rd edition this century, Blue is still a better player than Gaj, who ends up trailing the new-comer with one loss...

Spectators will be naturally inclined to support their favoured fantasy army, but it is interesting to note that sub-texts could be inferred: Old England vs. New England? USA vs. Great Britain? Arguably, there's even an (relatively) East vs. West argument to be fought out here. Have the Dwarves forgotten the shame of losing the Colonies? Can the Orcs hammer the final nail into Imperial Grandiosity's coffin lid?

Of course, it's just a game...

You know what they say about long distance relationships...

The Dwarves

Sir Loyne's Stout Dwarves of High Regard

The Orcs

Waagh Narbis

So, let the battle commence. See you in hell Good luck, Blue!


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  1. Excellent, another game already. Looking forward to this one. I always liked the idea of two remote players and a GM. I reckon that the extra detatchment will make it feel more like commanding a real army! Well, as real as Orcs and Dwarfs get!

    Good luck to you both (although my money is on the Dwarfs!)

  2. Yeah. Looking forward to this one, a classic Dwarves vs. Greenskins clash.

  3. Hi all - thanks for the encouragement. Now that it's finally come to pass (and that's been harder than we've let on), I'm really looking forward to it.

    @Chris: I'm not familiar with what commanding a real army is like (and I'd be mortified if it was the way I do this :O ), but it certainly helps with the self-doubt and second guessing. When you're facing your opponent on the day, you have to be more decisive and go with your gut, but when you have a week to consider your activities, its really easy to paralyse yourself with indecision. Presumably, a lot of war is like that :)

    One of the nicest things is that each player has time to think about what's going on, and to find a good 'fantasy' description of what happened and what the dice roll 'looked like'

  4. That's a good point. Although I like the idea of having that distance so you perhaps don;t feel as omnipresent as with normal games. Maybe you need a timer so you only have 30 mins to update Dreamfish with your next move! :)

  5. This should be a good one.
    I was sad the elves didn't win out last game... so this time I think I'll root for the Orcs giving those stumpies the what-for.
    Looking forward to it.

  6. Well, Mr Knobgobbler. I, too, am sad about the elves and their unfortunate defeat. Of course, I have no choice but to disappoint you with regards to the victors, as I shall lead the Dwarves to glorious victory against those dastardly curry sniffing Orcs :)

    If I was playing the orcs, however...

    Anyway, lets hope its everything you expect it to be.