Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sinister Little Buggers

In my last post, I promised that I would post painted figures. I've not got as far as I would like (two out of ten), but let's fulfil the promise, lest you lose faith in me.

So. Chaos Dwarves:

I used transfers for the banner. I painted over the bits to try and take the glossy shine off them, but the camera still picked up the place where the transfers end. I have yet to varnish these chaps, so hopefully a nice matt varnish should dull that down a bit. As all bloggers say, it looks much better in real life.

Also, need to finish basing the chap on the left.

And the back, if you're interested...

I'm fairly sure that all collectors of fine warhammer wares from the 80's relate to the desire to own Chaos Dwarves. The quintessential collector's piece, the now long OOP dwarves represent everything that was good and wonderful about GW in the 80's. Quirky, deliciously twisted and evil, yet fun and cute. Even my wife thinks they're cute. She wants me to get more.

I showed her how much they cost on eBay and it turns out twenty is fine after all. That is, twenty combat dwarves,  a bazooka crew and a tenderiser. Ultimately, I want to get twenty four combat dwarves, so that I can use them in the Realm of Chaos Khorne army list, where multiples of eight are the order of the day.

Anyway, I've not abandoned the Undead I was working on, so to speak - these chaps would serve as a fantastic ally contingent for them. I'm planning to do ten of them and a bazooka team, before moving back onto some Undead stuff. Maybe some Zombies and young Mikael Jacsen next?


Just off the back of Blue's question in the comments - the banner is custom. The original dwarf is this one:

I am not aware of any command models for chaos dwarves from either the Citadel or Marauder ranges. I know there are other current manufacturers that make Chaos Dwarves, but where possible, I will try to stick to the original GW products. Looking at the available models, this chap looked like the most obvious banner bearer, so I thought I'd do a custom job on him. Let me tell you - it is nerve wracking customising old, out of production miniatures!

Basically, I clipped the trident, drilled out the hand and replaced it with a banner from the bits box. If my memory serves correctly, its one of the banner poles of an Orc special character on boar. The name escapes me now. Anyway, I used that, together some tin from a baking tray for the actual flag (a tip I believe from White Knight over at the Lead Adventure Forum).


  1. Looking great, I like the color scheme. They would match nicely together with the Undead. If you ship them over we can play a remote game with your dwarfs ;)

  2. Love them...They are some of the best sculpts going...and what Chaos Dwarfs supposed to look like! Who is the standard bearer> I don't recognize him.

  3. Great stuff - I've managed to hold off any temptations to purchase these little chaps, but now that you mention it, I wouldn't mind one of them tenderisers!

  4. Cheers chaps.

    @Dreamfish - If I sent them to you it would stop you having to drive around Holland collecting all the figures you already have. Think of all of that resourcefulness you've been showing. Think of all the calories you're burning. I'd be doing you a favour by keeping them here, really :)

    @Blue - The standard is custom. He used to have a trident. I'll put a picture of the source model in the post.

    @Thantsants - Well, seeing as how you've just finished your Orc's Drift project and all...