Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Lost and the Damned: Introducing Onowitz Mann'fluh

I thought about it. We could talk about why I've not posted for a while.

But lets be honest, we know each other now. We don't have to pretend, do we? There's no need for small talk. Just come in. You know where the fridge is.

Realms of Chaos is quite big* at the moment.

Not as big as The Golden Gobbo, but big, none the less.

Unfortunately, for much the same reason that I've not posted for a while, I was unable to enter the event, despite my best efforts to get things ready for it. for a long while, I wasn't sure where I was going with the entry. The first Golden Gobbo was all about a single infantry figure, and, although I've been working on many of these in the shape of my undead army, I was at a loss for ideas.

Then, as the battle with Andre lined up, I started looking at The Lost and the Damned - the tome of Nurgle and Tzeentch. In there, I noted that the undead could serve in a Nurgle army.

So, looking at my figure collection, I though that I could feasibly produce a champion of Nurgle and possible a retinue for him.

I produced a champion called Gromeo. We'll talk about him some more later, because he's not the chap we'll be looking at today. Of note today, is the fact that Gromeo managed to roll a level 15 wizard as one of his 'hangers on'.

Suddenly, the way was clear. Here, then, was a fine infantry figure, full of potential and suitable for a painting contest. Unfortunately, August and September attacked together, putting me out of the contest not long after I had started.

But, today, I present the fellow. I've got a back story too, but its too closely linked to Gromeo to be revealed here. What we do know is his name: Onowitz Mann'fluh. I'm not a big proponent of random apostrophe's in fantasy names, but we can be a little flexible, can't we?

Instantly I rolled the wizard, I knew the figure to use. I have always favoured this figure amongst the champions of Nurgle, being suitably sinister but without obvious deformation.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I looked at the silly bugger and realised that he was a champion of Slaanesh. This one, to be precise:

Well! That would never do! There were three problems: One, he had a jolly great symbol of Slaanesh on his head. Two, he has a small screaming woman attached to his breastplate (which didn't strike me as very Nurgle like). Three, when I rolled him up, he ended up carrying a magical banner. Of course, this figure has a spear.

Anyway, after having had my way with him, we've succeeding in removing any evidence of Slaanesh from the chap. Here he is:

A more level shot, allowing us to look at the thing on his chest:

And, a shot of the rear:

Again, I shall claim the defence of fatherhood when you see that I've not staged the shot. I apologise for the brutal lighting and merciless flash, but I don't want to wake my child up. Hobby work is so much harder when you have a five month old yelling at you.

As mentioned, we'll come back to Gromeo and his curious followers in a later post, where we can reveal just how young Onowitz found his way into the favour of Nurgle.

*Well. Big in the context of a handful of enthusiasts who have refused to let go of the 80's. 


  1. How topical - I'm currently debating whether or not to go into work tomorrow...

    Nice conversion work - I must say he looked quite Nurgley even with the marks of Slaanesh about his person.

  2. He is most delightfully sinister! Well done.

    Papa Nurgle has always been my favorite chaos god (so far as one may claim to have a favorite). He seems a nice sort and not so disdainful of his followers as the others : )

  3. Very nice. Really like how he turned out. I'm really glad Realm of Chaos is becoming trendy. It is getting me motivated past a slight painting slump. Can't wait to see more.

  4. I see that call of Chaos is spreading like a bloody flux! Excellent work and a wonderful conversion! Hopefully, one day this filthy chap can meet in combat against one of my Chaos Champions...

  5. An excellent conversion job. When I realized you were converting one of the rarest Slaaneshi champions available I just about spat my coffee over the monitor, but really, you've done a fantastic job and he really DOES make for a great Nurgle champion.

  6. I'm going to say something about your lovely miniature. Your going to hate me. But he still has a whacking great symbol of Slaanesh on him, that standard, just above where he is holding it, great big slaaneshi symbol. Otherwise perfect.

  7. I presumed it was a trophy reconsecrated (or is that "redesecrated") to Nurgle.

    Maybe it's a cunning trap?

  8. Thanks all

    @Thantsants - Bit late, I know, but I hope you feel (felt?) better.

    @MC Moneydew - I agree. Best of the worst, I suppose.

    @Orlygg - I should dearly love to see Gromeo and Mann'fluh take their best shot at your fellers.

    @Lead Legion - that's interesting, i didn't realise he was so rare. Fortunately, I found out too late :)

    @Erny/MC Monkey-dew - yes...there is that. I realise now that I had planned to paint the ball as if it was a glass container with some sort of liquid in it. You've just reminded me :)

    I've not varnished the thing yet...hmmm.