Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Apparent Power of Words

Thought I should post something, just as one of those 'still alive' posts that surface from time to time.

You see, the last time I wrote, I mentioned man flu. It was lazily couched in a pun, but it was there.

And lo, there was man flu. Prodigious, abundant and unforgiving. Today is the first day I've even felt like typing. Unfortunately, the flu is not one of those sicknesses that lends itself much to writing, or painting or any general hobby work, so nothing has happened there.

Still, if you are interested in my well being, know that I have spent the time watching science fiction and playing old video games - I just finished The Secret of Monkey Island - in colour! It came out in 1990, I think, so its 'in the ballpark' as regards the hobby time period.

And, whilst we explore the power of words, I thought I might use the same method that bought down the flu on me. So I say these words now:

Euromillions jackpot.


  1. Hmm, funny how us miniatures lovers seem to share this common interest in MI. Makes me wonder...

    Get well soon Gaj, we need you alive!

  2. Well if its sympathy you're after you can have it - don't know if your experience is similar to mine but I was subjected to ridicule and abuse by friends and colleagues (all female...) when I recently had some time off work (quite a rare occurrence with me because I'm an idiot like that!) with a flu-type virus - all the aches, pains and shivers but, small mercy, none of the snot.

    While I wasn't after peeled grapes and moist flannels to soothe my troubled brow I did get a bit sick of the refrain of - oh just a bit of man flu was it - followed by a derisive snort!

    Anyway hope the recovery continues to hasten along.

  3. It is scientific fact, there are papers, that men suffer more form flu than women. Sure it means biologically, against Flu, we are weaker but it does mean the extra suffering is genuine.

    To be honest I've just had two weeks intensive NEBOSH and would gladly have taken a dose of man Flu at its worst instead, well maybe a days worth.

  4. Beware all who enter here - having posted my last comment (thanks for the scientific validation Erny by the way! Sorry what's NEBOSH?) I spent yesterday alternatively in bed, rolling about in agony with all my joints aching (again), or legging it to the loo to evacuate the contents of my stomach - what little remained after the first few times...

    The touch of Nurgle be upon this blog. beware, beware...

  5. Ahhh. Always had a soft spot for Monkey Island. Go figure.

    Sorry to hear that as the Scooby gang might put it "This time the Man Flu is real!". Terrible time of year in respect of health. Been abed myself with brief breaks for playing Borderlands and watching Midsomer Murders.

    WE MUST RECOVER. OUR FIGURES NEED US...Oh the shame of it all.

    Feel better!