Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Terror of the Lichemaster - Phase -. 6 / 17 painted.


Imagine, if you will, 2014 knocking on the door. Having considered it through the peephole, I've yanked the door open, snatched 2014 by its throat, swung it around and up against the wall, thrust a pistol into its throat, and demanded the nature of its business.

You might say that I got the jump on 2014 - I've painted something.


I thought I'd open 2014 with what is probably now my longest running project - if one includes the procurement of the necessary figures: The Terror of the Lichemaster.

So, in a quiet moment, unnoticed by well wishing family and sugar powered toddlers, I was able to paint four more of them.

The painting quality isn't brilliant. Parenthood has taught me to lower my standards and the nature of my job has taught me that 'good enough to go' is better than 'perfect, but not now'.

I present to you the four eldest in the Bogel family:

John-boy, Corabell, Lorabeth and Hunk
When I first read the scenario, I took away the idea that the Bogel family were kind, intelligent, all round 'good' farming family.

As I started working on the family, the same thing kept going through my mind:

Rednecks. Stereotypical, american-movie-style-rednecks. The ones that are most often visited by UFO's and are generally suspicious of marriage outside of their families.

Having now perceived them in this new light, I have found the scenario much, much more interesting - a lonely southern farmstead attacked by zombies, with the blood soaked survivors running back to town to explain to the disbelieving sheriff about the zombies that attacked them...

The curiously named Hunk is anything but. I've not expressly taken a picture of his face, but if you do ever get to look at him closely, he is a astonishingly Hitler-like.

Lorabeth, the wife of Hunk, will also serve as a different character in other games - one you may have met already. Her name is Wanda Reboute, or at least, a human wizard, until I get some other human wizards painted.

Corabell is the only daughter of Hunk and Lorabeth:

John-boy strikes me as the most inbred of the lot. His fish like face and ill-fitting clothes set him quite apart from the other members of his family. I can't help thinking he's one of those bullies who actually relies on his cronies to beat up new comers into town if they respond to his childish mocking.

If my redneck zombie horror interpretation of this scenario plays out correctly, I imagine he'll be one of the last survivors - there to confound any chance the rest have of ever getting to town alive...

There are still two Bogels (well, one and a dog: Willy and Fritzy) and a halfling (Samgaff) to complete, but I'll be getting on to them soon enough.

The Terror of the Lichemaster figures progressed to date
As always, I have many uses for my figures, and these are no different - when not serving as the actual Bogel family or possibly being objectives in games I've yet to think up, they will serve in the baggage train of the Human army I'm quietly building.


Gaj: 1
2014: 0

Only 364 days to go.


  1. Good work on those Lichemaster models. They certainly look a great deal more interesting with paint on. Keep up the good work and keep 2014 in order!

  2. Those turned out rather nicely, looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Ah you start 2014 in the most glorious manner !
    I love those characters and your redneck interpretation of them, never thought we'd get a "walking terror oh the lichemaister's dead" cross over !
    Great job.

  4. I've got a lot of love for the box scenarios and I'm foaming at the mouth waiting for this project to reach the batrep stage. The minis are looking ace so far.

  5. Cheers chaps - thanks for the encouragement! I'm looking forward to the next batch, although I've already become distracted...

  6. Brilliant! They look great.

    Never realized that I have John Boy before. He came in a unit of peasants back when Citadel had a sale celebrating the release of the 3rd edition Army book.

  7. Sliightly off topic, but I notice you use moss for scenery. As do I! I think it looks great. Do you just pick that stuff up off the ground, too? I make sure to get a collection going every summer, so I don't run out during the snowy months here in Maine.

    Looking good!
    Zack Cart | Custom Miniatures