Tuesday 20 February 2024


Pictures, apparently, paint a thousand words. 

Here is a story of Stokesy the tank:

It’s a Ramshackle Games tank. A Rhebok APC, as I recall. I think it can come with wheels too. I forget where it came from, but it was a gift to me from another oldhamerererererer. 

It is comprised chiefly of two almost solid blocks of resin. 

So it’s heavy. 

But, it cleaned up nicely enough. It is a mighty, and heavy, thing. There was more pinning than I would have expected - the tracks are pinned to the body to ensure they can hold it up. 

Amongst other pins. 

I intend for this vehicle to serve the squats. 

So, I was going to paint it in the greenish colour they’re in. I was inspired by Vietnam / WW2 Pacific theatre tanks. 

But the tank had other ideas. By the time I realised what was going on, I had painted it like an IKEA duvet cover. 

But, it kinda goes with this whole red planet thing I’m beginning to converge on. 

I suspect I knew that all along, but just refused to admit it to myself. 

Anyway, the squats liked it. They called it ‘Stokesy’.  Olivia seems willing to tolerate it for now. 

I’m thinking graveyards are in vogue right now. So we’ll look at those next time:


  1. Stokesly goes quite well with the squat team. The duvet makes for some good terrain matt.

  2. Glad to see you posting again! The tank is looking great!

  3. Hmm, it looks absolutely perfect for those Squats. It's fun to see how you sometimes have some previous ideas on how to paint a model and then you end up with something totally different! Cool job.

  4. That duvet camo is legit...I nearly missed it in the pic. That Warcry Graveyard is fantastic. Enjoy

  5. I really like the look of this...Curtis does some great bits n bobs. But the paintjob made it look awesome!

  6. Stokesy - a fine name for a fine tank. I do love Curtis' tanky bits although I'm not sure I've ever told him in person XD
    Stokesy looks great. Your camo is brilliant but let's face it - it's a tank with bull bars - it was always going to look great ;)

    Seriously though - it looks fantastic and I love the contrast between the mad camo on the tank and the serene alabaster and blue tones of your graveyard - like going from Picasso's Cubist works to his Blue period!