Sunday, 30 October 2011

Terror of the Lichemaster - 8 / 17 Figures. And the book.

When I added the Terror of the Lichemaster appeal, I had five of the scenario figures. My thoughts were that if I had two of the 'hard to get' ones, I'd be in there with a chance. Fortunately, I now have three of the hard to get ones, and a few others. Also, I finally own the actual boxed set and scenario book. I didn't get the buildings, unfortunately, but we can work around that.

Also, given that the Lichemaster scenario was originally written for Warhammer 2nd edition, I had to get the rules as well. The scenario is compatible with Warhammer 3rd edition, but - old times sake and all that:

Now it must be said that this site was not originally started with Warhammer 2nd edition in mind. When this got underway, I had 3rd edition firmly in my sights, and the objective was to spread the word. But, having looked at 2nd edition, I'm happy to bring it in scope as well. Compared to its modern day equivalent, it is still significantly more advanced in terms of player maturity, requiring adults to play, and co-operate, and not get bogged down in arguments about rules. Although it was before my time, I welcome it and look forward to employing it when I've finished all the Lichemaster work (so - in 2018 sometime).

Also included in the box was the order sheet for the figures. Released from the poor copy up at The Stuff of Legends, I am now able to clearly see what some of these figures actually look like, so I have a better idea of what to look for on eBay.

And I got a little badge. I like badges.

Anyway, this is my collection of stuff on the actual order sheet:


Of course, other figures have come up on eBay, including the Ace of Spades himself, Mr Kemmler:

Sadly, I didn't have £93.65 (the current going rate for one? Statistics suggest that if you bid more than £93.65, you can bag yourself a Kemmler too...) to spend on the chap. Still, having got hold of Gimbrin Finehelm has added to my credibility as a Terror of the Lichemaster collector. Now, the only two figures I've not seen anywhere on the whole internet (for buying/trading) to date, are Hunk and Ranlac.

Anyway, I've got detailed pictures of each figure over on my appeal page, so that if you are collecting these figures, then you will have a clear idea of what the hell to look for. Working our the Fritzy was an AD&D Blink Dog took absolute ages...


  1. There's a pdf of warhammer townscape floating around on the internet. I suppose it would be fair use to retreive the relevent building scans and paste them onto cardstock to create your buildings.

  2. Good idea, Mr daveb - Just nabbed a copy of that now!