Monday 18 June 2012

Army Builder: WFB3 - v2.0

Hear ye, hear ye!

Version 2.0 of the WFB3 army builder data files have been published. They can be downloaded through a licensed Army Builder or manually at the Data File Central. Just open the file with AB and follow the installation instructions.

Roster sheets made by previous versions are not compatible with this version. This version includes the following features:

Version 2.0 18th June 2012

  • RoC: Added Champions of Chaos of all Chaos Patrons.
  • RoC: Added 125 personal Chaos Attributes, except: Chaos Were, Duplication, GM'S Choice, Siamese Twin & Invent Your Own.
  • RoC: Added 67 Chaos Gifts, except:Daemon Weapon, Chaos Spawn, The Eye of God.
  • RoC: Added Spells & Magic Items of all Chaos Patrons
  • General: Categorized spells based on level instead of lore.
  • General: Added categories for Race, Abilities and Traits.
  • General: Remake of Ld,Int,Cl,WP bonus system.
  • General: Fixed incorrect stats.

Submitting Bugs
PLEASE include the race the problem occurs with, and any info I need to reproduce it (e.g. units to add etc.). You can report bugs on this blog post or at


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