Sunday, 10 June 2012

Terror of the Lichemaster: 15 / 17

It seems that we're nearly there. The two outstanding Bogels arrived on Friday:

Which really means that we're missing only two characters. The insidious Grimwald, and the Ace of Spades himself, Heinrich Kemler. This is the updated sheet:

Only two to go!
Now in this instance, my scrounging was noticed by the benevolent Wardy-La, who transacts in bits and bytes over at Level 2, amongst others. This kind gentlemen hails from the mysterious dimension of Essex, where the preconceived stereotypes do little justice to the honourable residents of that fine county.

Having heard my desperate mewling in the night, he took pity on me and posted the Bogels as soon as was possible, desiring nothing other than the satisfaction of seeing this project lumber one step closer to its inexorable conclusion.

To you, Mr Wardy-La, I say thank you.

I do have some things that Wardy-La may be interested in, so I'll be posting those off by way of recompense. If, however, you find something that I may be able to help with, Mr Wardy-La, please don't hesitate to ask.


  1. Glad too see you got your hands on them.

    Only two to go!

  2. Excellent news! Fingers crossed for the last two - eyes are still peeled.

    About that doorstep you mentioned a while back...

  3. Thanks for the kind words Gaj - very happy to help mate!

    Great to see the sheet almost completed - we will all be on the lookout for those missing fellows. I actually think this is looking like it can be done!!

    Mark (wardy-la)

  4. If you're quick I think the griffin with chaos rider you're after is up on ebay at the mo: