Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Introducing: Andre Viljoen

Gaj has kindly invited me to join him on his blog and as I have accepted his offer I shall introduce myself.

I am Andre and I live very close to Gaj down in the south of England. In a place known to most people as Southampton. If you look at the opponent finder map we are almost in each other’s back yards when compared to most of the other listed followers. Anyway I will do my best to live up to the work Gaj has done on his blog and no doubt I will fall short. For example my spelling is atrocious!

I have been quietly following the numerous blogs, about early 'Warhammer Fantasy Battle', and I have enjoyed them all. I started to collect and build up armies about a year ago and I have managed to make some fair progress. My first project was an undead army using the considerable pile of "Mantic" Undead I had lying around. As a first attempt the results were OK. I was practicing various techniques at the same time as getting used to painting again....and it shows. So I have put this army to one side as an allied force and I will have another go at the Undead later using old Citadel miniatures or the ones produced by Foundry Miniatures. My next project was a Wood Elf Army using a mixture of "classic" and some current miniatures. I was happier with the results of this and I am still adding to this army. My current project in a 'Nurgle' themed Chaos Army (more Imperial Cult than Norse Raiders).

Gaj and I have had the good fortune to play three games of Warhammer over the last few months. These have been very enjoyable and are getting better with every game. We are currently planning a campaign set in the Border Princes. We will initially use the armies we already have and then add to these. I believe Gaj is planning to work on Orc's and Goblins. I was thinking of building a "Border Prince" Army using a combination of the "Old Worlder" Ally and "Old Worlder" Mercenary Contingents as a guide.

Well that it from me. I will get some photographs, of the above mentioned armies, onto the blog as soon as I take some.


  1. Hello Andre (and Gaj, Nurgle army... Mmm I love, I hope pics coming soon :)
    Bye Nico.

  2. Nice to see you here... Miniatures soon?

  3. Welcome aboard, Mr Andre! May your posts all be spelt perfectly and your pictures always focussed!

  4. *Yes, yes, I know. Spelt is spelled incorrectly (you know, spelling humour. Its hilarious). Inadvertently, I tried to spell focussed incorrectly, but ended up out-arguing myself and spelling it correctly. Oh well. This dead horse has been well and truly beaten...

  5. Hi Andre, welcome to the club. Looking forward to see some pictures of those armies and of the campaign.