Saturday, 16 February 2013

Well hello again.  I thought I would put a few photographs of my armies on here as I have talked about them already.  First up are a photographs of my first attempt at turning out and army.  The miniatures are what I had lying around, austerity measures dictate that I must use what I've got before I buy anything new.  The undead army is a mix of figures including some Citadel miniatures, 'Grimm Reapers' rescued on Ebay, Mantic miniatures, and a few others.
This is the host

The Skeletons...
The Zombies
The Ethereal's
The Necromancer
Next up are the Wood Elves.  The miniatures are all from Citadel and some are older than others. They were my second attempt at an army and I was happier with the overall result.

The army as it is now...I have a few more units to add
War Dancers

More archers....
The Treeman "Colin",  he is almost single handedly reponsible for this armies victories!!
The Mages
The General "Fondelrod the Firm"
Well thats it for now.  I'll get photographs of my Chaos army on here when it is finished.  Just ten Beastmen away from completion........
Anyhoooo got to go.



  1. "... rescued on Ebay"

    I like that way of thinking about it. Makes it seem like a moral imperative. As rescuing and returning old lead into proper use surely is.

  2. Very nice. I really like the Mantic undead myself. I have a few units in my (as yet unpainted) Lost and the Damned Nurgle Army.

    By the way, I have ten of those plastic wood elf archers from the old Warhammer Army box from the 80's. They're just sitting in my collection doing nothing. I'd rather they went to someone who's going to get good use of them. Email me at with your address and they're yours. No charge since they're going to a good home.

    1. That is very kind of you....I won't say no to free volunteers so I will drop you an e-mail when I get a chance.

  3. "Fondelrod the Firm" is so so so wrong. LOL!