Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Goblins! And a new Contributor! And some RoC Credentials!

Oldhammer day. It's coming soon. I'll tell you more as I work it out.

In preparation*, you may have noticed the vast hordes of chaos churning out their warbands. Now, I have plans. There are things forming in the material plane a the very limits of my vision.

Dark things.

And, of course - let us not forget Ellen Degenerate. Perhaps you remember her? No? Her path to chaos was forged in the defence of the Wyemm Seeyay. Unfortunately, you'll have to read the whole thing to chart her descent into madness. She'll be tricky to model, but with a warband currently consisting of exactly one (1) goblin, it should be easier to get her on the field than some of the other warbands out there.

But that's all for another time.

A little while ago I mentioned the tactical painting of goblins. As opposed to the strategic painting of goblins. Now I've always loved goblins. I love their little underdog-y pathetic-ness. I love their individual uselessness and their collective awesomeness.

So, when I did those 30 plastic goblins, it was more than my poor soul could handle. I had been led into  temptation and there I drank deeply from the cup. It was green, friends. Green.

Now I must have goblins. Bearing in mind that there is still some tactical use of my existing figures, I can currently throw around 40 goblins, a few warmachines and, of course, Grom, at the table.

This is the expansion plan:

Specifically, it is 18 goblin archers, 18 goblin warriors, 2 wizards, a leadbelcher, a goblin battle standard bearer (in the shape of the goblin king - I have other plans for his chariot) and 4 trolls. One of each sort.

I do have other goblins, but they are from the 4th edition. As lovely as they are, I thought I'd have a go at the 80s ones first and then determine the future for the '92 night goblins and common goblins that I have. This cluster you see here was just enough to satisfy the 40 goblin requirement expressed for the orc&goblin army in Warhammer Armies (including the infantry Groms).

In related news, allow me to welcome Andre Viljoen as a contributor to the blog. As he's already introduced himself, I can simply go on to say that he and I have indeed had a few games of the ol' 3rd edition. Three to be precise.  Having now acquainted ourselves with the rules, we're going to have a go at a campaign. It'll be a narrative campaign - no complex campaign rules just yet.

But, as he has already mentioned, there might be goblins involved. Those above, to be sure.

*Not that Oldhammer day is all about Realms of Chaos. Its just that RoC turns 25 this year. Regular warhammer will feature too.


  1. Nice set of old gobbos, look forward to seeing them painted. I should have something interesting up on my blog in a few days.

    Also hope Ellen Degenerate will be joining us, we have very few Slaaneshi champions stepping forward and a host for the blood god.

    Maybe Onowitz can be persuaded to fight for the perverted one, he appears to have had leanings that way at one point in his life before turning to the mucus master.

  2. There's some familiar faces in there. I too have a love for all things Gobliny - no idea when I'll get round to painting the horde though.

    I'll have to live vicariously through yours!

  3. GOBLINS!!!!!!

    Love the little maniacs. As fate would have it just yesterday I started on some 20 80's vintage wolf riders that have been sitting around primed for more years than my kids have been with us.

    Looking at them it reminded me of just how much I love their ...well...their whateveritistheyhave because the old style little fellows are just chock a block full of character.

    Also reminds me of how "sophistication" in the minatures world has left "charm" by the wayside.