Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Ace of Spades

Welcome home, Mr Kemler.

We've been expecting you.


  1. WOw excellent! you are complete! I mean...except for the kidney you probably had to sell to get him...:) thats ok lead is more important anyway!



  2. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    You got him!

    I'd love to know the whys and buts about how you achieved it! Now, can you get all those beauties painted in time for the Oldhammer Weekend so we can play Lichemaster as well as Orc's Drift?

  3. Hey Gaj, you did it!! Congratulations! It's a shame you had to turn to a life of crime, but hey, you did it! I'm very happy for you.

  4. Congratulations! I wonder what you had to do to get your hands in one. It must have been awful, seeing what little details you cared to share with us...

  5. Congratulations, man I'm jealous but in a good way.

  6. My money is on some Faustian kind of pact made with the Dark Powers...

    Congrats mate - there wasn't a spare Ozrim knocking round with him was there?!

  7. Awesome! I'll buy them off you for 60p each (except the ones with a * which are 50p)!

  8. well done, time to start collecting all of the 'Vengeance of the Lichemaster' miniatures now

  9. Nice! Most satisfying. You should have said though. I have two, I'd have given you one.*

    *may be a lie.

  10. Well done Gaj, it must have been pretty satisfying, succeeding in your quest.

  11. Wow !! Always great satisfaction to see a collection complet. Bravo :)

  12. Thank you, gentlemen. The thing is indeed very satisfying.

    I'll put together a post shortly detailing the effect this has had on my immediate plans.

    Perhaps the most important right now is that I will no longer be going to Salute this weekend coming - the travel fund has been consumed into the Lichemaster fund. That is a pity, but easy to write off in the face of the massive impact of having the complete set.

    Also - huge thanks to Mr Casey - he graciously coughed up his last one (yeah - he had more than one...) in order to allow me to forge ahead with this. Also, it wasn't £215 like the last one he sold on eBay. More on the next post...

  13. Congratulations .Quite a feat, the last weekend Gimbrin Finehelm went for £255.Treasure has always been expensive though.

  14. Amazing!

    This is fantastic news you lucky lucky man.

    Well done!

    No idea why they kept "improving" him with each release. He looks downright silly with that winged staff.

    The original is by far the finest.

  15. Awesome news Gaj. :) I am extremely happy for you!
    Now of course you need to find a new reason to live (hobby wise)