Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Finisher of Things

...which, as any longterm reader of this blog will know, is not me.

But, as the saga of the Bridge Over the River Chai has now drawn to a close, I am able to return to other members of The Unfinished.

Lets start with the last things that went into the painting queue:

Terror of the Lichemaster. These have been just lying around in a box for some time now. A few nights ago, my powerfully cruel imagination forced to me to consider the what-if scenario of one of these figures contracting lead rot. Panic struck, and I undercoated them as soon as I was able!

These are just pictures of the named characters - the others are coming.

Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:

Scenario 3:

Where's Krell, you ask? Well, I've already got a painted one of those. It was all I could do to get the time to even photograph these, let alone dig around trying to find him.

And the whole lot, scrounging for some love.

Unfinished that have seen a paintbrush - 15 halberdiers, their various commanders, a troll, a skull chucker and the iron claw chariot - a figure I've come to hate...

Unfinished that haven't even seen a paintbrush - two chaos figures from the August painting challenge I never finished (because of these two), some goblin command, the iron claw stone thrower, the remainder of the dungeoneering party I was putting together and some other assorted baddies:

But just as despair is about to set in, perhaps we should consider the good news? Because painting has happened, you see - some people may even remember these chaps from the Bring Out Your Lead! 2013 get-together. Off the back of many threats made aeons ago to produce a chaos army of Nurgle, I finally got around to painting some chaos warriors. Long time readers my recognise Onowitz Mann'fluh, which was produced as part of that plan over a year ago now.

Now Nurgle's magic number (or whatever its called) is seven, meaning that most units in the army must be comprised of seven figures or multiples of seven. Mild OCD suggested to me that I would never be able to cope with the incomplete rank such a number of figures would produce. So, a conversion - once again, champions of Slaanesh seem to be much better suited to Nurgle:

And then regular grunts:

What follows is a relatively modern figure - probably my favourite of the last two decades. Being a character of Nurgle, he was a no brainer:

...and relax - back to old lead:

As I was trying to get the unit painted quickly, I decided to select models that were equipped with two handed weapons, meaning I wouldn't need to paint shields. Of course, all chaos warriors are equipped with Shields, but I can't imagine any of the lovely oldhammer community would mind if they didn't happen to bring them along...

This next chap was given to me as Gratnak Nakk - the half orc from Forenrond's Last Stand. Quite how the giver arrived at that conclusion, I don't know, but he has always been a half-orc from that point on. Of course, the gods of chaos are equal opportunity employers, so he was welcome:

And Mann'fluh. Sometimes a chaos sorcerer, sometimes a banner bearer. As the army develops, he may very well become the army standard.

When preparing for BOYL! 2013, I decided to roll up a chaos champion. In a curious twist of fate, he actually came out relatively well and normal. Not only that, but he got a chaos steed! This, then, is Baron Bodiyoder:

And, because I like I know you, dear reader, like army shots, I thought I'd take a look at what I could scrape together that was expressly and obviously of chaos. I know I could throw the goblins in there as chaos goblins, but we've seen a lot of goblins lately, so I thought I'd spare you. Also, They were under a lot of other things that would mean I would have to not take this picture and organise my painting station instead. I think you'll agree, this was probably the better outcome:

Its nice to finish with those that have successfully escaped from The Unfinished - heres to many more months like it!


  1. Great work on the Nurglies - best not mention Slann Slaves eh? ; )

    I am genuinely very excited to see progress on the Lichemaster - here's a little something by the way of encouragement!

    1. Yeah. Lets not talk about the slaves. Clearly shape shifters, those slaves. It was clearly a trap...

  2. Delightful! I'm eager to see more!

  3. Great work. I really love the Nurgle Beast.

    1. Yeah - he worked out quite nicely - I need to get more bits to make more though - and unfortuntely bits are fetching the same money on eBay as whole figures...

  4. I got to see these up close and personal at BOYL 2013, they're rather delicious in fle......lead.

    Slann Slaves are nasty indeed, but so are 3rd edition lesser daemons..................... and jezzailachis.......................

  5. Bring it! As they say here. No idea why really.

    Lovely work and looking forward to a certain mad necromancer looking for revenge.

    1. Why, thank you, Mr Monkey-Dew. I very much hope to 'bring it', but you and your community keep tearing me away from the target. I literally had the flintloque and slaughterloo rules in a basket.

      That close.

    2. All in due time dear boy. All in due time.

      Sometimes I beat myself up for moving from one project to another and yet, it is a hobby, so as long as its enjoyable, it doesn't really matter if anything actually gets completed.

    3. Due time? I'm thinking Christmas Time is what I'm thinking ;)

      Surely my wife will love the toads? Surely? What warm hearted woman could complain about italian toads in uniform!

      "It doesn't really matter if anything actually gets completed" - I've tried this on with my wife so many times now but she just doesn't see it the same way...

  6. Well it is true that everyone loves a Toad in a uniform. If the Italianate Toads don't work just pass them off as militia from Toad Hall in "The Wind in the Willows". Have given one of my units a "Semper Bufo" banner for just such occasions!