Saturday, 19 October 2013

Terror of the Lichemaster - Phase -. 2 / 17 painted.

Part of my day job is to look at opportunities to re-use things. So, when things are made, how do we make them so that they could be reused in different ways by different things, you see.

So it was when I selected Albi and Antonio to be the first up to be painted.

Firstly, I thought they would be quite easy to paint, so that was a plus.

Secondly, I thought they looked like suitable adventurers, should such a thing be required.

Thirdly, I remember the old AD&D range that Citadel released where they would release a thief or fighter pack or whatever, where each pack had three figures in represented the various levels the characters would be at.

It occurred to me that Albi could be the senior level version of Antonio (who himself could be the senior level version of John-boy (coming soon!)).

And finally, as I must build a fledgling Imperial force to support Phase 2 of the Lichemaster project anyway, they could serve as characters (or even just warriors) in said force - when I get there.

Oh, and of course, that means that I'm two steps closer to completing the second phase of Terror of the Lichemaster - painting the characters.

Anyway, here they are:

Obviously, Albi is a fighter. No-nonsense shoot first and ask questions later sort of chap. Antonio, of course, is a lover. I figured him to be the type to spend a lot on designer clothing in order to impress (hence the Pringle jumper).

Seen in the context of an adventuring party, I would see Antonio as the rogue type of character, something along the lines of a conman or a bard. I don't think we have any doubt as to what Albi represents in the party, which would make Victoria some sort of ranger, with Dumbel still being the party wizard. Maybe later I will try to generate WFRP characters for them.

In other news, I seem to have started a dark elf army:

You know, because everyone needs dark elves.  And no, I didn't paint them.


  1. Very nice work. They really look the part.

    And yes. Everyone does need Dark Elves for some reason. They are an ideal add on as hired muscle for any baddies.

  2. Great painted miniatures, and good luck with the Dark Elves :)

  3. They look great, I love the colours you have used there, really nice minis :)

  4. Wow great paint job, and yes everybody needs Dark Elves....