Wednesday 16 March 2011

3rd Ed. Evangelism

Finding old figures from the 80's with which to play the 3rd edition of Warhammer is not the greatest challenge facing Warhammer 3 players today. It is challenging*, make no bones about it, but it is not the greatest challenge. Indeed, the greatest challenge is this: finding old players from the 80's with whom one can play the 3rd edition of Warhammer.

Having pried open the history of the various gaming compatriots at the club and in my immediate vicinity, I was horrified to realise that I alone had experienced the joy of 3rd edition - the most experienced of these poor bastards could only make reference to the 4th edition...they could go no further. My friends, it is a horrible, horrible feeling to be alone.

So what now?

My plan, then, is to engage in powerful, passionate, inspiring, invigorating, galvanizing evangelism! How can these poor sods possibly know the full joy of Warhammer 3? I shall have to bring it to them, of course!

Which leads me to last night. I thought that instead of going to the club armed with figures, I would bring literature.  More specifically, the 3rd edition rules. The plan was basically this - watch a game of warhammer, moan about how stupid the magic/army composition/fear rules were and then launch into a carefully prepared sales pitch on the sheer brilliance of Warhammer 3.

I showed them the following:

Some of those Warhammer 4 players recalled Heinrich Kemmler, and nodded sagely to themselves as they recalled an Undead army before the days of the split - when Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings were created to cause catastrophe amongst established undead armies everywhere. Of course, how could they know he had a 2nd edition Warhammer scenario all about him...

Interestingly enough, a lot of players seemed to recall The Battle for Orks Drift - a Warhammer 40K scenario. 

No one could draw any frame of reference to McDeath, but the writing is good...

Of course, I also showed them the Warhammer Armies book. Imagine their surprise when they realised that there was a time (before the current GW Army Book roll-out) when all the armies, and the allies, and the mercenaries...were all in one book. I think that single fact impressed more than anything else.

Well, until they saw the Chaos Warriors:

2 Wounds? Each?**

The other thing that really stood out for the youngsters was the fact that the Slann were actually a whole army

Anyway, I think I've started grooming a follower. Who knows, perhaps I'll play 3rd edition with someone before the summer!

* Of course, you can still use modern figures to play 3rd edition. If you must.

** I'm not saying its fair...but I've gotta sell it somehow!


  1. 2 Wounds is totally fair, especially when you're paying 74 points per model! Warriors of Chaos are totally bad-ass in 3rd Edition.

    I'll have to be pedantic (sorry) but McDeath, Orcs Drift and Lichemaster are all Warhammer 2nd edition products. Of course, they're totally compatible with Warhammer 3 because back then, by and large each edition was compatible with the last.

    Hey good luck with the evangelism!

  2. You're right: at 74 points each, they are a massive chunk of your army, and certainly 10 of these are as effective as 20 normal soldiers. Still, it's mind blowing for people who cry out about the cost vs. effect of the current 8th ed Chaos warriors.

    Also, with regards to the scenario packs, I hadn't heard of them before I started this blog, but I was fascinated when I found them. I loved the early style and humour in them that is sadly lacking from the current offerings from Games Workshop.

    I guess that's a third angle I'm taking with this - showing people the original, funny side of GW. I daresay one could use these scenarios with a little adaptation, but I've yet to find any one even suggesting that...

  3. Might have something on Orc's Drift if you haven't seen it before...

    Nearly finished painting all the minis I need for the whole scenario so will hopefully get to play it in the summer.

    Here's a battle report to tide you over for now!

    Apologies if you've seen these already - noticed you'd become a follower!

    Nice blog by the way - looking forward to seeing those greenskins painted up.

  4. Well I still play, paint and collect WFB 3rd edition. So you're not alone out there!

    I created the Army Builder files for WFB 3rd edition. It's a point and click application for creating army lists. It contains the complete army book and WFB rules.

    Also planning to add Realm of Chaos someday.

  5. Joy of joys - true Warhammer 3rd edition heroes have arrived!

    @Thantsants - than, you sir, for your kind comments. I've already linked your magnificent battle report as the only one of its kind on the whole internet! Indeed, it was your very battle report that compelled me to buy up all the orcs that I've displayed so far. I've always loved the little buggers and have played them for many years - but I only have the later, plastic 90's varieties. I'm ashamed to even look at them.

    @Dreamfish - I have your army builder files already. The work you have done is exemplary. I realise how complex the rules must be and I take my hat off to you if you are considering the realms of chaos and all of the crazy stuff in there. My question to you mainly would be where is this hallowed place where you play your Warhammer 3? Is it in England, and if so, are you located in the Hampshire/Wiltshire/Dorset part of it? If so, I'd suggest you deserve a pint, sir! If not, you probably still deserve one, but I doubt I'll be around to get it for you...

  6. @Gaj - I'm glad to hear that somebody is actually using them. My stronghold lies in the netherlands where I occasianally as time permits it paint and play with my Dwarfs. Not much 3d ed. players around here. I tried to convert some people but to no avail. While creating the army files I was constantly reminded by this quote from a movie "If you build it, they will come!".

  7. But of course. It's the only thing! Actually I am still painting 3rd edition figures bought when there was sale on full armies when the army list book was released. Slow painter eh!

    Have not played a real game of 3rd for a dog's age but have played 2nd.

    Best of luck with the search for Sprogs.