Thursday, 10 March 2011

In my last post, I mentioned that I spent £23 getting hold of some lovely classic Orcs. But you knew that couldn't be true. You know how it is with eBay, some classic Orcs & Goblins here, some Chaos Warriors there, a few Skeleton the end, I actually dropped around £55. I'll post up all the wonderful things I get as they come through.

One of the amazing treasures I manage to come across was a model I've always wanted, ever since I first saw it:

It's a Lead Belcher, an Organ Gun available to the Orc army, as follows:

It'll need to be stripped and repainted. Unfortunately, it didn't come with the blades on the wheels, but apart from that, is a complete model.

So, the very first model in my budding Orcs & Goblins force...

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