Sunday 6 March 2011

I've had it...

Enough is enough.

I imagine that the way I feel now is the very much the same way a young man might feel when he goes home to his father, knowing that when he gets there, on that very night, he will 'come out of the closet'. He will explain to his father that is is men he loves, not women. He expects shouting, weeping and manly pats on the back. He doesn't know how it will happen yet, he just knows that he cannot bear it any longer - he must act.

Now I'm not telling anyone I'm gay, because I'm not. This site is not about closets, or the getting into or out of them. Perhaps that's what you're looking for, and that sort of thing is OK now - it's the 21st century and you can love who you want, but I can't help you with that. Good luck with that. This is not that sort of site. Ostensibly, I do love men, but they are little lead men, who always listen when I talk to them, and never feel the need to offer their own opinions. Actually, now that  think about it, I'm surprised my wife doesn't like them more - they sound bloody ideal!

But I digress. The young man must act, we say, so act he will!

Games Workshop...I just don't love you any more. It's not's me. Actually, no. It is you. We've had some good times along the way,'ve just changed so much. I still remember how we would laugh and play, rolling dice and looking up rules. We had something special...but it's gone now. You don't see the gamer in me any more...and it hurts. I'm not just a wallet, you know. I'm not one of the brainless teenagers you're always hanging out with these days. My needs have changed.

I guess what I'm saying is...well, I just think we should see other people.

There. I've acted.

But hang on a sec, you say. The page is called Warhammer For Adults - that's still pretty Games Workshop-ey, isn't it? Yes, it is. Whilst I don't want to have anything further to do with Games Workshop, I still have plans regarding Warhammer. Not the later editions, though. I'm talking about that poor, abused and abandoned 3rd edition no one likes to talk about anymore. I very much have plans for that.

This has led me to research. Having spent a weekend of both delightful and frustrating research trying to find out all of the best resources on 3rd edition on the internet. Delightful in that there are...some. Frustrating in that many sites that claim some sort of 3rd edition content have either disappeared, or are just whispers of a game played before the shrouds of memory...nothing concrete or useful.

So I've made a blog. My first intention here is to collect and discuss all the relevant information on this archaic games system so that people whose love for fantasy wargaming need not be embarrassed, shamed and abused by the latest Warhammer editions - those pretenders to the throne; those false, poor clones of the once proud system that I'm hoping will have led you to this page.

My second intention is to play it - and play it the way it was meant to be played. That means two things:
  1. Try to get my hands on some of those lovely old miniatures Citadel used to produce.
  2. Find people to play this ancient and wonderful system with.
Thirdly, I suppose, like many other blogs about wargaming, I guess this will be an opportunity for me to try and encourage myself to paint more, by providing myself with a soapbox upon which stuff must be presented - hopefully beautifully and lovingly painted rare Warhammer 3rd edition figures.

So, if you know anything about 3rd edition, or are indeed a player of this system, or are interested in it, or have lovely old miniatures that you put to shame in a box in the back of your basement, get in touch.

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