Thursday, 14 June 2012

Oh, the (peer) pressure! So, a top 10 list!

For whatever reason, the blogosphere appears to be on steroids. I watch with amazement as people post again and again, sometimes two or three times in one day. Relentlessly, this pace continues, until peer pressure forces me to capitulate, abandoning reason (and sleep - that vital currency which new dads crave so desperately) in order to post my own personal top ten wish list sort of thing. It seems to be popular elsewhere. That said, I refuse to post my desired army lists. That resource is a rich vein of untapped goodness, that we shall explore another time.

Of course, you have no notion of a top ten. Or, because your lust for lead is insatiable, your top ten only refers to the top ten you're thinking about right now - this very second. Already, your mind is filled with despair at only being able to choose ten, so you've just reshuffled it, haven't you? In ten seconds, you've re-arranged a hundred figures in your head.

Anyway, It seems there are some common contenders. My number 10 is one of those:

10: Elven Attack Chariot

I am collecting a High Elf army. It must have one of these chariots. It can't have more than one.

That's just weird.

I don't think these chaps are that hard to get hold of, but I've just had to focus my money on other things, higher up in the list.

9: Mounted Elven Generals

I also love the mounted elves - very specifically, the three mounted generals (top row). I have one, but I need the other two. I have had opportunities to acquire these, but again, money has been routed elsewhere.

8: Skaven General With Warplock Rifle

Really? I have to explain?

7: Iron Claw Stone Thrower

Yes, I also fantasise about the Man Mangler and the Skull Crusher, but this "poor man's" Man Mangler has always stood out to me.

6: Chaos General on War Griffon

A Marauder figure. It's just such an unexpected combination. I had the option to buy one of these once. Idiot.

5: Chaos Dwarf Whirlwind

I've already got a Tenderiser. The Whirlwind is really to complete the collection. Also, it looks cooler.

4: Helwud and Jaek

Now things start to get interesting. I never saw any of the Kaleb Daark stories, so I know nothing about these characters. But, having seen them, I think they're great. Must get the whole set!

3: Slann Wizard

Another common one. I don't have any slann. But, compared to the giant floating frogs of the current lizardman range, this figure is pure gold. A must have for the discerning (and wealthy) collector.

2: The Lothern City Guard

The pre-slotta Lothern City Guard. Not to be confused with the Lothern Sea Guard, although these are no doubt the progenitors of that unit. Again, part of that High Elf fetish I have. A lovely chunk of history, methinks.

1: Heinrich Kemler and Grimwald

You look surprised?


  1. A good list, I only have five and a half of your top slots here (I have the crew but not the stonethrower). But I've been collecting on Ebay for at least ten years and in second hand shops long before that.

    Mind you I think I'd swap one of my slann wizards and a Marauder chaos griffon for your lichemaster set....

  2. Cool list! I recently sold an elven chariot To fund another project, now I am regretting it....
    The woven cavalry are some of my all time fave citadel miniatures!

  3. Got the middle one of the elven heroes lying around somewhere. Not planning on doing anything with it. Did you already find something interesting to trade?

  4. I posted this in the wrong place:

    If you're quick I think the griffin with chaos rider you're after is up on ebay at the mo:

    Looks like its missing it's wings but it's a start

  5. DOH! that sold for 99p! Someone got a deal! even without wings.

    Sadly I too had a Elven attack chariot that I let slip away...nice model.

    I have just acquired a few of the mounted elven personalities and they are great figures....The one I long to find is the "Champion with Bow" he is a bad ass!

    I actually have the Iron Claw Stone Thrower...Still in Blister! I could probably be convinced to let it go...but it would take some work...:)


  6. @Erny - Whilst the swap would mean I only have two figures to paint (which is tempting), I'm afraid I've signed up for the long haul as regards The Lichemaster. I'll let you know when I get tired of it :)

    @Dreamfish - I've yet to rummage around, but hopefully I can do that tonight and see what there is.

    @Blue - Hmmm...very interesting. I'll have to think what tempting treats I have. I know you're more of a marauder man, though, which is a pity - I don't think I have much of that.

    Also, as regards the Champion with Bow, I've seen a few of those around. I'll let you know if I find one.

    @Headnhalf - thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, that didn't get to me in the end. I had the time...but I forgot. New dad...

  7. 99p for the War Griffon....That would be me then. And yes I was bidding days ago before I knew Gaj wanted one!

    I have high elven plans for that one.

  8. Excellemnt list and commiserations on the Griffin rider!

    I must say though the Elven chariot and Slann wizard are very overrated figures... ;)

    I've got the mounted champion with bow too but afraid he's going to be champion for my mounted archers. I also have the champion with spear but he's stuck on top of a giant Eagle. Still need one of those general types to lead my Melnibonean cavalry...