Monday, 9 July 2012

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

I want to talk about finding opponents. I would suggest that my title is a little specific, as I'd be interested in opponents with other names too, as, I'm sure, would you.

Fortunately, our man over in Nottingham, Skarsnik And-Old-Lead (of the Nottinghamshire And-Old-Leads, not the Devonshire And-Old-Leads, who are altogether different people, not to be consulted with at all regarding the location of opponents!) has developed a means of discovering opponents.

He has also focussed on making the thing even more specific, aiming to help us all locate Warhammer 3rd edition opponents (of any name, not just Romeos). If you are looking for martial arts opponents, or political opponents, allow me to suggest that you look elsewhere.

So, if the thing that floats your boat happens to be Warhammer 3rd edition opponents, then our man Skarsnik And-Old-Lead has just the thing for you:

The WFB 3rd Edition Opponent Finder!

Astute readers may also note that I've created a tab designed to connect to this resource as well. Essentially, the thing works like this - you visit the page, post up your approximate location, and Skarsnik will put a little pip on his map which will point out whereabouts on earth you are.

In related news, I was thinking of something similar, in the shape of a player registry. the bit I was missing was the easy visual reference (you know, like a map) at which one could easily gauge the relative distance from a potential opponent. But, the solution does provide something else - a means of establishing contact with each other, without having to leave email addresses or phone numbers just spattered about on the internet. When you do that, people from ex-soviet states will try to get in touch with you to sell you cheap medication, or high quality education at low, low prices, or penis enlargements. Bad business - so you should protect your contact details wherever possible.

This, then, is the registry:

Oldhammer Player Registry

Essentially, it is operated by a free piece of software called Groupspaces, which basically means that it is extremely limited. It's an ugly page, to be sure, but you get what you pay for (nothing, in this case).

The reason that I had not mentioned this earlier is that I was not happy that it was doing the right thing, but now that the missing component has been completed (in the shape of Skarsnik's map), it might, might just fly. Also, note that you cannot peruse the contents of the site until you have applied to join. Membership is granted by a human, who, according to Brussels, are entitled to Human Rights nowadays, so please allow a small period to pass before going postal.

Of course, all suggestions are welcome as regards these things.

Finally, if you happen to be both technically brilliant and bored at the same time, perhaps you could take the time to either merge, or create, a 'thing' that does what these two 'things' are trying to do separately. We, the forum of potential opponents, wait with baited breath...


  1. Hi!

    Just joined the player locater and registry! Alas I dont have much in the way of an army as yet but am hoping to amass some Dwarves soon!

    All the best!

  2. Hey...what about us poor sods on the far side of the pond? Bummer man...

  3. Hi Gaj,

    I've been enjoying your site for the past year or so - you are the glorious Pied Piper of wonderful Third Edition! The Oldhammer Player Registry is a brilliant idea, but like Blue, I live on the other side of the world. It doesn't matter though. I would be happy to throw down in a virtual game of 3rd (or 2nd or 1st) with you if you are ever up for it. I have a bunch of armies for 3rd that I would be pleased to provide for a game. Anyway, thanks for your fantastic blog and for kick-starting the new world-wide mania for the older Warhammer(s).

  4. @Space Cow Smith - welcome! Good to have you on board. I shall track your progress with interest!

    @Blue - I realise now what I've done. My sincere apologies - whilst I was looking for software to make this work (I didn't want to write my own and buy post code details, etc), I thought I would restrict the thing to the UK, as I knew how the postal coding worked here. I've changed the registry slightly now to reflect location as opposed to post code, although I don't think I'll be able to change the name...

    @Private Wierd
    Well, sir - thank you for the compliments. I glanced up at my side bar, and I realised that I've not linked your blog, even though I've been following it ever since you played your star wars game out in the snow. A heinous insult, to be sure! Not only that, but I also have the start of a post specifically referring to your discourse on 8 versions of warhammer. All in all, you have been very influential in my journey, so thank you very much - I hope the compliment is repaid.

    To other readers, do yourselves a favour, pop on over to Private Wierd's blog:

    ...for some of the most gratuitous figure porn from the 80's you'll have come across for a while! I can't believe I haven't linked it yet - my sincere apologies again, Mr Wierd.

    As to the idea of a digital game, you've captured my imagination there. Could I ask that you mail me at gajATmogulDOTcoDOTza - once I've got an email address we can discuss the feasibility.



  5. @Private Wierd: Or...join the player registry and I'll contact you that way :)