Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sabotage - D(e)ad Tired...

So its been a little while. 

When I started this whole blogging malarkey, I thought I'd be the one that never posted one of those 'I'm not dead' posts. I'd post regularly. I'd do all the things that blogger recommends. There'd be pictures. There'd be gripping commentary on your topic of interest. Cutting wit and devastating insight. 

Okay, there's no need to look at me like that. There have been pictures, okay?

Anyway, here's my 'I'm not dead' post: There were seven of them. One had a cricket bat. They wanted my money. I fought valiantly - I think I broke someone's knuckles with my face and I certainly remember poking someone's finger with my eye. It was glorious, but in the end, I was overcome...

Okay, there's no need to look at me like that. I thought it would make a more interesting story than just saying 'I had stuff to do'. Nothing exciting - no gripping real life problems, just lots of little annoying things that meant the blog was always just on the horizon, but never closer. And, of course, I'm a new dad. I'm using that excuse until she's two. 

So I'm sorry. 

We can still be friends, right?

By way of atonement, I thought I'd rejig the site a bit. That's way better than writing some devastatingly insightful articles. I'll get to those later. Here's a picture:

As you may have noticed, its the new logo for Warhammer For Adults. There is more rejigging to come, mainly around the colours, but layout, streamlining and the new logo are already present. I removed the Why is it Called Warhammer For Adults page. I will write another one, but having re-read the stuff I wrote there, I realised it was a bit too 'ranty' and not enough 'sense'. I know what I wanted to say, but the original page didn't do a good job of conveying that. 

Back to the rejig. Highlighted in one of the links above is a bloody good idea which I also happened to think of completely independently a few days ago. Although fantasy is my first love,  that marriage-destroying-80s-fanatic Orlygg set off a parallel interest in Rogue Trader. This, combined with my (and yours - you know it) fascination with the Realms of Chaos can lead to only one outcome - a small force of Chaos Renegades. What that means is that I've updated my trades pages. Firstly, they've been split into 'stuff I have' and 'stuff I want'. Secondly, the 'stuff I want' page has Rogue Trader content on it. 

So, if you happen to have some Chaos Renegades lying around (you know, clogging up the drains and whatnot), let me know. 

Also, I've moved the navigation pages. They used to be at the top, but now they are on the left hand side. There's other stuff on the left hand side too. But the navigation links are the main things to care about. That's where the trade pages are...

Finally, I must issue an apology. There were ten comments on my last post, none of which I've responded to. I will redress this shortly, but I think I have an idea of how to proceed with some sort of meeting. I guess that'll be another post, but I want to be sure that you know I'm not just ignoring you. Thanks for the suggestions. 


  1. Back when I was a new Dad, I had no Time at all for miniatures gaming. Think I painted a figure or two when she was three...

    Long way of saying it is a perfectly good excuse for two years and more!

    Enjoy it. :)

  2. I'm still using ,y daughter as an excuse and she is almost 5!!! Milk it baby milk it! Kids are good for something' they are a great excuse to leave an uncomfortable social engagement be fore it gets too tedious...or for when you havent touched you paint brushes is a month!



  3. Preparation (Friday) for my son's fourth birthday (Saturday) and resulting hangover from the after party party (Sunday) has put back my Orc's Drift write up by three days!

    OK, some of that was self inflicted but hey ho!

    Good to have you back - quite excited to hear what your plans for a meet are...

  4. Nice new look by the way - great logo!

  5. Yep nice new logo, hope the IP police ain't watching. Ah but its a satire, that's alright then.

    Until she's 2? That's when they really start cutting into your time.

  6. A comment on the new logo: While I like the look of it I just had occasion to notice something. While looking at another blog, this blog showed up under the "Blog List" on the side. At the reduced size of a thumbnail, your new logo was not noticeably different from the regular Warhammer logo...Which would have made me simply pass it by had I not already known what it is...if you take my meaning.

    In that respect I prefer the old logo, a clear statement of intent.

  7. Great logo, Gaj!

    How did you do it?

  8. Logo looks great, but I noticed it isn't completely straight. You see, two kids and I still have time to worry whether your logo is straight or not.

  9. Cheers chaps, nice to be back. I swant to milk this excuse for as long as I can, but I can only use this power in the pursuit of doing good. Which is hard when you have a four month old!

    @Orlygg - I had no part in it - my wife used to be a graphic designer. When I earn enough brownie points, I can request hobby related assistance. Unfortunately, it takes years to build up so many brownie points...

    @Dreamfish - Haven't you got some table sections to paint or something :)

    @Erny - I suspect most of the GW employees would be too young to recognise the logo these days...

    @MC Monkeydew - that's a good point you raise there. Hadn't thought about that. Unfortunately, I'm all logo'd up with no brownie points remaining...