Thursday, 5 July 2012

Terror of the Lichemaster: 16 / 17!

It seems that fate has a sense of the dramatic.

Having found my Grimwald, the only outstanding character from this motley crew is now the Lichemaster himself: Heinrich Kemler.

Oh, the tension...

Anyway, this is Grimwald:

And this is the lot laid out on the catalogue page:

Eyes peeled, kids - we're nearly there!

Well, except for the buildings I still need to source. And the 40 odd imperials that I'll need to get. And the painting that I'll need to do. But we're more nearly there than we were last year!


  1. As far as I can tell, the buildings were all reused in Warhammer Townscape, Gaj- which you sent me a while ago! Its just a case of working out which ones they were.

    Good luck with that Lichemaster!

  2. I was just going to suggest the townscape pack - I've also got a pdf of it if you're stuck.

  3. An end is in sight for this epic quest! The final challenge is, however, truly epic in scope and I wish you luck. You wonder how many Kemler's are buried away in attics across the UK, their true value unknown...

    1. If they were all dug out from said attics their true value would be more reasonable. We can only dream, well unless our name is Gaj, well done! Super collection.

  4. Well done that!

    Perhaps a better chance of finding one Kemmler vs the 70 or kilted terrors one needs for MacDeath?

    The game is afoot!

    Now if only needed that strange set of nine dwarven heroes. There are always multiple sets of those on ebay. They must have pushed those out by the hundreds...