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Battle Report: The Bridge Over the River Chai - The Rules of the Game

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The Gaming Set-up

The game will be played out on a 4' by 6' table, which is depicted below.


The Percolator is carried in a small chest which is being transported in an elven warwain (a four horse chariot). The Wood Elf contingent has been tasked with protecting the warwain and the Percolator. The Wood Elves are descending into the Chai valley from the north. The chariot is not present in the Wood Elf army list, as this is a GM controlled unit - see the Rules below.

The Dwarves are waiting for the elves on the southern side of the river Chai and have set up camp. Of course, the Dwarves are here to collect the Percolator from the elves. Remember that Dwarves and Elves are uneasy bed-fellows (except, of course, for the ill-fated lovers Fasten Luuhs and Testo Sterone!). Players are reminded that Dwarves suffer Animosity towards Elves and that Elven characters may never join Dwarf units. In spite of their racial differences, the Elven contingent will require all the help they can get to transfer the Percolator to the Dwarves.

The Orcs and the Dark Elves have elected to separate their contingent commands and try to close in on the Percolator in a pincer movement as it crosses the valley. The Dark Elves approach form the west, with the orcs approaching from the east.

Although the overall purpose of the fight is to secure the Percolator, players are advised to take not of the victory conditions - the holder of the Percolator can still lose the battle! Capturing the Percolator whilst maintaining battlefield superiority is the key to overcoming the enemy in this scenario.


The game will be played using the Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd edition rules, and these House Rules. A GM helps the players interpreting or even making up rules if they are needed. 1

Chariot: The chariot transports the Percolator and is a GM controlled unit. The chariot type is heavy, equipped with scythed wheels, counts as having no crew and is running amok. All normal rules apply for the chariot, with the exception that the GM determines all rules concerning damage, direction and capturing of the Percolator. The Percolator can be captured by a character in base-to-base contact with the chariot or at a distance by using magic (like the Move Object spell). The exact rules are determined on the spot.

Percolator: The Percolator holds magical powers for characters who control it. A character can use the Percolator to prepare K'fe, which enhances a characteristic of the character and the unit he's up to 1 point for the duration of one turn. Furthermore, units within 12" of a friendly controller may re-roll the result of a rout or +1 Ld on a rally test. To prepare K'fe, the character and the unit he's with must stay stationary for one turn. A preparing character and the unit he's with, may shoot and/or use magic. Preparation fails when attacked. K'fe must be taken at the start of the following turn and the player declares which characteristic is affected.

Baggage: The Dwarf baggage area holds 500 payment points for mercenary troops. 2 This is represented by barrels containing beer. It takes one turn to loot 250 points. Mercenary troops will automatically switch sides when the baggage area is captured. The baggage area is guarded by the War Engine Battery, instead of the normal alloted amount of civilians. The War Engine Battery must be placed inside the baggage area. The War Engine Battery is not taken out of battle, but must stay inside and protect the baggage area. 3


  • Terrain is split in 6 zones of 2 by 2 feet
  • Hill rock faces, river and woods are difficult ground
  • River and woods count as soft cover
  • Bridges count as hard cover
  • Fly over hills and bridges on level +10 and woods on level +20


  • Common: capture the Percolator; 300 VP
  • Common: eliminate opponent's general; 50 VP
  • Common: eliminate ally/mercenary commander(s); 50 VP for each commander
  • Common: control zones; 50 VP for each controlled zone
  • Common: capture unit standards; 50 VP for each captured standard
  • Orc: control or destroy bridges; 100 VP for each controlled or destroyed bridge
  • Orc: capture/loot opponent's baggage; 50 VP when being looted or 100 VP when captured at end of game
  • Dwarf: prevent bridges from being destroyed; 100 VP for each controlled and undamaged bridge


Below a strategical overview of the battlefield and the available deployment zones. Some of the unit deployments are predetermined by the scenario and cannot be altered. The following conditions apply:
  • The Dwarfs start the game
  • The Orc Man Manger is operational at the start of turn 2

1. Although it is possible to fight a game without a Gamesmaster, it will be much quicker and far easier to fight with the aid of an impartial Gamesmaster (usually abbreviated to GM), see WFB3, p. 35
2. The points are used for mercenary payment, see WA, p. 125
3. Normally units deployed within the baggage area are taken out of battle, see WFB3, p. 103

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Rules and Deployment (you are here)


  1. Lovely looking gaming table! Come on the Orcs, I don't trust those Dark Elves though.

  2. Hmmm plenty of food for thought there...

    This is going to be a right laugh as I'm sure in true Orcish fashion my cunning plan probably won't be!

    Cheers Jonathan, lets hope the evil pointy eared ones keep their side of the bargain.

  3. Nice write up! I'm looking forward to seeing this battle unfold.

  4. MAn that table looks downright AMAZING! literally making my mouth water! you have outdone yourself DF.

    Looking forward to watching this thing unfold....and to watching Thantsants O&G much things up! :-)

  5. Hey Blue - don't go jinxing me now! ;)

  6. Morgrimm, turned to Borri and Snorri, as he took a puff of his pipe, "Ready your axes for deeds of violence!"

    Borrie and Snorri chuckled to each other, "We will sir....we will."

    Final orders have been given, the camp is bustling with activity, horns blare as the men gear up.

    Morgrimm grins to himself and then looks back across the river, as he takes another puff of his pipe.