Thursday, 8 November 2012

So why is it called Warhammer For Adults anyway?

I'm feeling a bit ranty today. I've had a cold for two weeks now and frankly, I'd cheerfully microwave a rhinoceros and swallow the remains whole if I thought it would help.

Also, we're not yet done with the first turn of the Bridge Over the River Chai. Which is probably what you actually came here hoping to see. Soon, pet.


So, I thought I'd have a rant instead.

When I started the blog, I had a page describing my reasons for the name, which were also largely my reasons for engaging my time machine and heading back to the eighties for some decent wargaming.

Then, one day, I read through the thing again and I found it to be, well, quite angry. It was written just after the most unsatisfying game of Warhammer I'd ever played. I unpublished the page, with a view to coming back and revisiting the thing at some time.

Consider the thing revisited. 

If you're deeply suspicious of hyperlinks, you can also follow the navigation on the top left of the page. That's also a hyperlink, but it has a different name, so maybe that's better for you.


  1. Oh no! Has the original gone for good?! I love the new version, but the original was the post that:

    1) Brought me to your blog after a random google search
    2) Made me think 28mm GW fantasy gaming could actually be fun, and
    3) Directly caused me to buy 3rd Edition from eBay!

    No other blog post has had such an impact on my life! Hah.


  2. @Chris - Cheers once again! To be honest, I don't know. I deleted the original entry on my blog, but I believe it has been posted up on various forums and whatnot. I presume I'd be able to recover the original.

    May it be that you come across other blog posts that influence your life more! Or even better - that you write a blog post that changes your (and our) lives forever! I wait with baited breath for your Warhammer 4 shenanigans.

  3. Love your blog. Back to the Basics of gaming fun !