Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Oldhammer - Bring Out Your Lead! (2013)

I don't know if you've heard yet, but there's this thing happening up in Nottingham this summer. Maybe you're interested in going?


  1. So, it is a tournament, yes?

    I'll be rolling up my Chaos Warband this Friday, with Davey of the Marienburg Gazette as my witness. But I'm thinking Pirates of Khorne - anyone else gone with that idea?

  2. I checked out some of your older posts and really like the way you use colour. Love your orcs and the dragon you did is really cool.

  3. Apologies for the late reply all - real life getting in the way of the hobby and all...

    @Andy - totally a tournament. If you come 1st you win a yacht! Pirates have come up as one suggestion, but not for a chaos warband yet - perhaps you have the monopoly?

    @Anne - thanks for the compliments. As regards the dragon, I think you're referring to the Mantic dragon painted by Andre - one of the contributors to the blog. I'm sure he'll be thrilled with the praise. Curiously, I've yet to paint a dragon in my wargaming career - I keep pretending I'll fix that this year... I'll be posting more goblins shortly, together with some trolls.