Wednesday, 6 March 2013

ROC in Nottingham

In my last post.....located at the end of Gaj's last post (If that makes sense) I introduced my newly completed Chaos Army.  I also said that I would take a Nurgle warband to the ROC game in Nottingham in August.  This was because my new army is Nurgle themed and it would be easy to create a warband from this.  But as time past....a few hours really.  I decided that I would use the dice rolls, that I had rolled when making that warband, and use these for a Khorne warband.  It was only five strong after all, so not a big job really. The only change I made was replacing the Chaos Wizard/Sorcerer with a Chaos Champion (Marauder) as Khorne isn't really a patron of those who are magically inclined!

Anyway here they are no background story yet but that will come in time....

The Chaos Warrior (Level 15) was painted some months ago.  The three Orcs I did this afternoon (speed painting...from unbased unpainted miniatures to complete in one sitting!!!).  The miniature I am using as the Marauder is an old Citadel miniature that was sold as a 'Hero' in the 80's...I think.  So there you have it.   These will be going to Nottingham with me along with my Chaos Army.

And finally here is a picture of a dragon I painted ages ago.  It is a Mantic miniature and is small compared to Citadel dragons.  But I like it and field it as a young dragon.

Got to go now...


  1. That Chaos warrior with the bone armour and skull face is my favourite ever mini, he has led my armies into battle more times than I can recall. Good to see he will be coming to the big weekend too.

  2. Your marauder is the Gladius model, from the Heroes of the Known World set if I remember correctly. A nice little! Lewdweb will enjoy crushing their faces into the ash of the wastes with his high heels!