Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Milestone(s) Reached! Terror of the Lichemaster & minimum requirements for an Undead army

As the title says, a massive milestone has been reached. Of course, there are other blogs where people say they'll paint stuff, then just go ahead and produce a whole army.

Milestones don't mean anything to those people. The end is not a milestone.

Fortunately, dear readers, here things are a bit more sedentary. Like me, I'm sure you couldn't possibly cope with the delivery of a completely painted 80's army all in one go. Something would burst.

Anyway, the milestone. In the Warhammer Armies book for 3rd edition, an Undead army requires three things:

A Necromancer.

At least 20 Skeleton Warriors:

At least 10 Grim Reapers:

Here, then, is the milestone - 31 painted figures, covering exactly the stated requirements:

The Grim Reapers:

The other milestone here, is some progress for the Terror of the Lichemaster. If you look closely, you will see the leader of the Grim Reapers (no - not the one with the horns - the chap with the glowing sword) is none other than Krell. 

The Warriors:

The Warriors are comprised mainly of the Nightmare Legion, featuring Ennio and some of the boys. I say some, because perfectionists would say there are 24 members of the Nightmare Legion and they should all look similar to each other. I don't actually have all 24 members, and I get bored from too much repetition, so there are only 12 of them.

Don't be fooled by my clever photography - there is only one necromancer, he's just in both pictures.

So, the milestones reached are:

  1. Minimum requirements for an Undead army
  2. Krell and 29 other skeletons for the Terror of the Lichemaster
  3. Enough of the Nightmare Legion to call the unit the Nightmare Legion

Its nice to finally see some paint on these chaps. Onwards!



  1. Congratulations with your milestone! It's important to be able to actually finish a project. Especially when some guy from Holland is continuously distracting you from your painting work.

    Did I spot river sections and trees? Looks like we're soon able to play a remote game?!?

  2. Cheers D. You did see a river and trees. What you didn't see was a gaming table. THAT was the illusion :)

    Still, we're all heading in the same direction...

  3. Very Nice Gaj....I hear that finishing a project is very rewarding...hopefully I'll find out someday....sigh


  4. Why so Blue? (sorry, couldn't resist - sometimes you just gotta take the easy ones...)

    At least your blog is filled with beautifully painted figures. Most of my posts just feature someone else's, or hundreds of unpainted figures.

    Also, the project is not finished :( Just the first milestone :). Only another 30 skeletons, 20 zombies, 10 cavalry, some skullchuckers, carrion, plague cart, some spirit hosts, 60 goblins, 70 orcs, 20 wolf riders, 10 boar boys, 8 chaos knights, 16 chaos warriors, 16 chaos thugs, a leadbelcher, 3 trolls, goblin chariot, 10 chaos dwarves, a bazuka, a tenderiser, 6 centaurs, a few chaos hounds, a few baggage trains, a gaming table, some forests, buildings, roads and hills to go. And a dragon. Don't forget the dragon. And I just bought some elves. Oh, and Terror of the Lichemaster. Need to get 40 imperials for that too. And Kemmler. And Ranlac. And the other chaps whose name I can't remember. I'm starting to panic now...

  5. Loving the work you have done on the Nightmare Legion. I have the full set (as well as a few variants) upstairs in the cupboard. My father bought me the boxset in 1988 and I have never managed to paint them. Everytime I see him, its "have you painted the legion yet?" Once the 4 chaos warbands are up to a good spec I am moving on to an undead force.

  6. Cheers for that, Mr Orlygg! Glad you like 'em. This begs the question - what other wonderful boxed sets have you got nestled upstairs in the cupboard?

    Also nice to see the family involved. Very inclusive, social game - great for families. Even if it is just your Dad hounding you...