Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Oldhammer Contract

I just came across Mr Zhu's manifesto.

Let's be clear: it is a manifesto. It is the statement of intent of the Warhammer OSR and quite frankly, the succinct and concise expression of almost everything Warhammer for Adults was created to bring about for a single disgruntled gamer, except...clearer than my own wittering inability to express myself.

So, there's a contract, an image and a distant reference to the other leading OSR statement, noted over at Tales of the Maelstrom, referenced on this site here, and alluded to by another leading voice in our desperate return to the 80's.

We have a manifesto. We have a figurehead. And now we have a banner:

Gentlemen. I suggest we have a rebellion on our hands.

And so, like the waves of revolution that have flooded across the middle east, I invite you to participate in this very spontaneous, but very real opposition to this sort of thing. Not because I don't want you to play at tournaments (although your life will be better for it), but when someone else gets to tell you what army you're going to play...

All I'm saying is you don't have to do this. You can be in control of your gaming experience.

So. Sign Zhu's manifesto (well, leave a comment, at any rate). Change your life.


  1. Hey thanks for the props - your blog has been a big inspiration to actually post this stuff out onto the interwebs rather than just keep it at my own table! Great stuff.

  2. No worries, Mr Zhu - I'm glad you've written the piece. Thanks for sharing it with the interwebs!